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Who Is Nadia Popovici Instagram User: A Hero Behind the Bench?

Before last year, Nadia Popovici Instagram user with 132 followers, was just a worried hockey fan who had seen a mole on the back of a Vancouver Canucks’ equipment manager’s neck. Brian “Red” Hamilton, a Canucks employee, made a public plea on Instagram when a doctor verified Popovici’s concerns. He was keen to locate and thank Popovici.

Nadia Popovici: Who Is She?

Popovici is a 22-year-old Canadian who wants to become a doctor. Hamilton may have overlooked the tell-tale signals of malignant mole since she had previously volunteered on an oncology unit. Popovici used her phone’s notes app to compose the following message to grab Hamilton’s attention: “The mole on the back of your neck is probably cancerous.” Please see a doctor. Her next move was to bang on the plexiglass of all the stands with this message.

Public Appeal for Mystery Savior

Hamilton found out that Nadia Popovici Instagram user with 132 followers, was right after seeing his doctor. As it turns out, the mole was malignant melanoma, but it was caught in its early stages.

Hamilton has had the mole taken out. To help bring Nadia and Hamilton back together, the Vancouver Canucks released a message from Hamilton on social media. According to the statement, Hamilton was “looking for an exceptional individual and is requesting the assistance of the hockey community.”

It was only a day later that a second statement came out. In a tweet, a representative for the Vancouver Canucks said that there were a lot of people online who helped them find Brian’s favorite person. That evening they met face to face so Brian could say thank you. Nadia Popovici Instagram user with 132 followers, saved Brian’s life.

The Tweet of Hamilton

It was surprising for Hamilton and he didn’t say a word and he left without a goodbye. However, went to see his doctor, his doctor told him that it was cancerous. It was Saturday, and he said that “she gave me more time. She didn’t save me from a flaming automobile, as in the headlines, but she pulled me from a simmering fire,” he said to CBC.

It was a heartfelt message on Twitter that he wrote about how the die-hard Kraken fan was a hero. That tweet went viral, and hockey fans worldwide were trying to figure out who Popovici was.

Her mother informed her that she is famous When she was home after following a shift working on a crisis line. When she went to the home game of the Kraken on Saturday, Hamilton’s life changed for the better.

The Canucks and the Kraken came up with a scholarship for her because they heard about her kind act from the world. There is a $10,000 scholarship available for Nadia Popovici Instagram user with 132 followers who plans to go to medical school.


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