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10 Reasons why Facebook marketing is good for business?

Nowadays when we talk about marketing, the first thing that comes to our mind is social media marketing. According to many surveys, it is quite clear that Facebook remains the top social media platform for marketing purposes. Here are the 10 reasons why Facebook marketing is good for business:

1. It is a growing platform

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook dominates the social media world. Apart from dominating the social media market, it shows no sign at all of slowing down in the near future. It is a growing platform and will continue to grow in the coming years.

The total number of active users on Facebook has crossed the mark of 3 billion in 2023. This shows that businesses have a great chance to get featured on the feeds of their target audience. So marketing on Facebook is really a great idea for all the emerging and growing businesses.

2. Diversity in the audience group

Talking about Facebook has a wide diversity in the age groups of the users present on this social media platform. This enables businesses to connect with the GenZ people as well as the seniors who are available on this platform. According to many global surveys, it has been clear that Facebook has around 56.8 % male users whereas the number of female users is around 43.2 % globally.

Around 109.4 million users belong to the age group of 13 to 17 years. The number of users that belong to the age group of 25 to 34 years is 208.6 million whereas around 123.3 million users are aged above 65 years. This wide range of demographics helps the different brands to expand further in the market easily.

3. Target audience

Advertising on Facebook is really very effective as it is highly targeted. On the basis of several factors like age, occupation, location, interests, and gender you can easily target your audience. You can run custom Ads on Facebook which will help you to target a specific group of people.

There is also a feature that allows businesses to run local awareness advertisements that will help you to target your local audience. Every marketer wants to make their businesses reach the right audience group and this is easily possible with the help of Facebook’s target advertising.

4. Affordability

When it comes to marketing your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, affordability is a very crucial aspect. Marketing on Facebook is really quite affordable. For every thousand impressions, Facebook Ad costs around $15. Facebook lets you easily manage the budget for your Facebook Ads so that you do not suffer from any additional marketing expenses.

Marketing on Facebook is so easy and effective as the Ads on this platform are highly trackable. You can easily change your marketing strategy if the current strategy is not working out well for you. This will eventually help you to cut down your total cost of marketing your brand on Facebook.

5. Measure your performance

As a marketer, you can easily keep track of the results of your marketing campaigns. Facebook has its own Facebook Insights tool which helps you to keep track of your marketing performance. It is available absolutely free of cost.

With the help of Facebook Insights, you can get in-depth details regarding how your potential customers are engaging with your brand on Facebook, how many likes you are getting every week along with the detailed comparison reports and what kind of engagements you are mostly receiving on your Facebook posts.

Analyzing your performance plays a key role in growing your brand and expanding it further in the market.

6. Different Ad formats

Different brands have different marketing objectives. Depending on your marketing objective you can easily choose from any of the Ad formats that are available on Facebook. Facebook has a wide variety of Ad formats like image, carousel, animated or video, and many other formats depending on the type of marketing strategies you are applying. Each of these Ad formats has its own strengths and weaknesses, you need to find the one that is best suitable for marketing your brand.

7. Increases your reach

Around 98.5% of the active users of Facebook use this platform with the help of their mobile devices. These users check their Facebook feed multiple times during the day. This basically means that your brand’s content including Ads can reach them anytime and they can view it from anywhere without facing any kind of hindrance at all.

Unlike the old traditional way of advertising which is restricted by time and location constraints, Facebook advertising is not influenced by any of these factors which makes it a really great platform for marketing your business globally.

As we are using more social media platforms daily, it is becoming perfect for businesses to reach more audiences. With the help of Facebook live streaming viewers, you can now enjoy more viewership whenever you choose to go live instantly available for you from a digital marketing company. More live viewers and more reach of your Facebook profile.

8. Lead generation

Facebook helps brands to generate leads for their businesses. Facebook has an automated system that enables brands to connect to their target audience easily. It lets you understand them better so that you can provide the best service to them. It is really an important tool for growing brands which can easily generate leads for their businesses without having the need to constantly monitor their messages on Messenger.

9. Constant updates

One of the biggest advantages of using Facebook for marketing your brand is that it gets constantly updated. Meta Platforms Inc., which basically owns Facebook brings regular updates to this social media platform. It is the first social media platform to introduce the Live Streaming feature and augmented reality. These major updates make Facebook the ideal platform for marketing your brand digitally.

10. User-friendly

While using a social media platform, one of the most important factors is how user-friendly it is nature. Talking Facebook has a really quite user-friendly interface that can be easily used by any user without facing any issues at all. Anyone can easily navigate any feature on Facebook without facing any trouble.


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