Daniel Macchio Bio, Siblings, Parents, Net Worth, and More

Daniel Macchio is both an actor and a musician, best known as the actor Ralph Macchio’s son. A person who looks like him is called “Daniel.” The Karate series is the best place for kids to learn about La Russo. Also, he is known for his roles in films and movies like Ugly Betty, The Outsiders, The Deuce, and My Cousin Vinny.

Daniel Macchio Bio:


Ralph Macchio is well-known for the 1984 film “The Karate Kid,” which was later made into a character for the sequel “Cobra Kay.” As per Celebrity Net Worth, Ralph’s earnings per episode during seasons one and two is $200,000 (about one dollar)) million during the season.


Daniel Macchio
Date of Birth 24th October 1996

25 years old

Father Name

Ralph Macchio

Mother Name 

Phyllis Fierro

Sister name 

Julia Macchio


Actor, Composer


5 feet 8 inches







Daniel Macchio Siblings and Parents:

Within the United States, the 24-year-old actor was born to mixed ethnicity parents. His father’s side is the one that he comes from. Daniel Macchio is of Greek and Italian origins. He is the father of Ralph Macchio, a well-known actor widely regarded to be among the top.

Ralph Macchio is well-known for his role in the movie “The Karate Kid.” Role as Daniel LaRusso became a cult actor, and his admirers continue to use the name The Karate Kid. Daniel earned his name because of the fact that he got this name after this.

His father gave him the name of his character in the film. Because the composer’s father has Italian and Greek origin, Daniel is half-Italian and half-Greek on his father’s side. His mother, however, has the name of Phyllis Fierro.

She is a nurse practitioner from the United States. Phyllis is a medical professional who has been on the frontline for the coronavirus pandemic. Julia Macchio is Daniel’s older sister. She is also an actress appearing in films like Girl Most Likely (2012), Stella’s Last Weekend (2018) as well as Wholly Broken (2018).

Who Is Daniel Macchio’s Girlfriend?

Sadly, we are clueless regarding who Ralph Macchio’s child Daniel Macchio is dating. Macchio isn’t as forthcoming about his relationships and hasn’t revealed anything about his previous relationships. Maybe he’s just trying to focus on advancing his profession as an actor and composer rather than his romantic life.

But there is a possibility that he’s having a secret relationship with his girlfriend. In any case, we’ll update you on his relationship status with girlfriends when the details become public. Keep an eye on us for news!

Like Daniel’s father when he was 15 years old Ralph engaged to his future spouse, Phyllis Fierro. The couple met via Ralph’s mother. They got married on the 5th of April 1987. Daniel Macchio and his girlfriend have two children: Daniel as well as Julia. They have been married for over 30 years.

Daniel Macchio Career and Net Worth:

The composer and the actor are ancestors of an extensive tradition of actors. It is normal for him to choose a profession in the entertainment field since it runs through his family. Most people think that famous kids are easy to get because they have well-known and wealthy parents.

They don’t realize that they’re facing their challenges. Daniel Macchio got his start in the field through many hours of effort and determination.

In the movie “From the Heart of the Crowd,” Macchio composed the score and music. The star of the film composed the score for “That Was Then,” the Romantic comedy “That Was Then” in 2011. He then scored music for the movie.

Daniel Macchio Net Worth:

The Wrecks” the following year, which was 2012. Daniel’s worth is around $500,000 net worth of Ralph Macchio his dad is thought to be in the region of $4 million. Because of their dedication and dedication to their family, the Macchio family has a happy life.

Daniel Macchio Facts:

  1. Tennis is among his most favored games to watch. He even went to the US Open with his favorite teammate, his father, in 2018.
  2. Daniel Macchio is his father’s greatest fan and his biggest fan.
  3. He loves visiting the beaches and enjoying time together with family.
  4. Oliver is the title of the dog of the composer.
  5. This actor has a presence on Instagram and has total followers of 12k with 664 postings.
  6. He is a true animal lover to the heart.
  7. Like dad, also an avid admirer of the New York Islanders hockey team.
  8. The 24-year-old thinks of her sister as the greatest older sister in the world.
  9. On the 20th of December 2012, he made his Instagram debut.
  10. There are 1262 Twitter followers, and the new superstar has been on the platform since 2013, the day he first joined the site.
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