Role of HODs (Head Of the Department) In Educational Institutions

HOD or Head Of the Department is an integral part of every educational institution. Every academic discipline in schools and colleges has got its respective HOD who has got several crucial duties to discharge. HODs represent a specific department.

The chief aim behind the creation of this post is to have a professional who will exercise the power to manage and run a specific department with due care. Starting from ensuring if online classes are being taken regularly via teacher app to checking if the continuous internal assessment is being conducted periodically, the role of the HODs knows no bounds.

In this blog post, we will look at the various functions carried out by the HODs in all the educational institutions situated throughout the country, as well as, the world at large. Let’s get into the main discussion now!

Why Do Institutes Need HODs?

Every educational institution, be it school, college or university features a variety of departments. Each department is a separate entity and the functioning of each department has to be supervised by an experienced professional.

And, that role is portrayed by the Head of the Department or HOD! Among the faculty members of a specific department, the professional who has the highest experience is assigned the rank of being the HOD.

The internal functioning of a particular department is overseen by the HOD. In fact, the growth and development of a department also falls under the domain of the HOD.

Starting from sorting out various issues of the students and other educators in that department to hosting special programmes, webinars and competitions, the HOD has to do it all.

The HOD acts as a leader and guides the rest of the department in delivering a stellar performance in the best way possible. Oh, did we say that the grievances of various members of that department are also addressed by the HODs?

HODs have the power to wield great authority and it is for them that proper administration of the entire department is maintained in a specific institution.

They also check if all the other faculty members indulge in online teaching with discipline and if the students pay proper heed to the classrooms that their educators address.

The importance of HODs in ensuring the smooth functioning of a department is essential, you see. No wonder why every educational institute has respective HODs for each department!

Functions Of HODs In Educational Institutes


  • HODs, by their intense experience and grave personality, take the reins of academic leadership of their departments under their hands and go about directing the students to a new path of enlightenment.


  • They also ensure the smooth functioning of the academic departments and lend their supporting hands in times of crisis and internal problems within the department.


  • They work towards setting up certain guidelines to ensure proper decorum is maintained among the students.


  • They take steps towards bringing academic development to the students.


  • They plan and schedule meetings between various teaching professionals in the department to formulate new measures that would be made functional to ensure the all-round development of the department.


  • They undertake the initiative to appoint Class Committees, CRs and Sub CRs, Class Advisors, and Faculty Counsellor and Advisor to ensure that the academic process becomes much more efficient.


  • They also ensure and supervise if the curriculum is strictly followed by other educators while teaching the students in the class. HODs also take it upon themselves to make modifications to the set curriculum to bring about the proper growth of the students.


  • They also work towards ensuring that general discipline is maintained in the department.


HODs act as the cornerstone of the foundation of academic departments in educational institutes. Departments exist and flourish because they function! Their role in bringing about development to the department and coming up with relevant changes to suit the needs of the students is inexplicable.

We can’t do away with HODs! Their influence in making the students of a specific department successful and independent is mammoth. It is time that we start acquainting ourselves with the noble deeds of the HODs in schools, colleges and universities.

Here’s a vote of thanks to all the HODs of the world for their relentless endeavour in bringing progress to the departments of an educational establishment!


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