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Four Digital Marketing Options You Need To Scale Your eCommerce Store

The eCommerce industry is flourishing and seeing a rise in demand for more sales. However, it isn’t easy to know where to start marketing for your eCommerce website. This article will discuss four digital marketing options you can use on your website to drive more traffic in the short term and convert those visitors into customers in the long term.

Here are four digital marketing options:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to build a relationship with customers by allowing them to interact with your brand informally and naturally. A great example of email marketing is a pizza restaurant using its email address as the default name on the delivery receipt.

That iMessage your friend’s system where you can send pizza messages to other people is also effective while they are waiting for their delivery.

Email marketing can also promote events and new products on your website. You can create automated emails to go out to people who visit your website, providing them with a discount code or information on new products. This can increase their chance to return to your site and increase their lifetime value.

2. PR

A great way to promote your site is through PR. A good option is social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, where you can promote new products and explain their benefits. You can also promote new products on blogs and forums, which are great places to find your target audience.

PR is a free way to build authority over a subject that is important to your target audience, which will increase their trust in you as a business. This will increase traffic to your website via referrals from other websites and blogs. Traffic from PR is also much higher because people see the sites they trust in their social network links or Google search results.

3. Ads

Run Google AdWords or Facebook ads that target your ideal customers, which will drive targeted traffic to your website. This can be used to promote new products and sales, which may increase the lifetime value of those customers. Also, people are usually not so aware of a new product when it’s first introduced so running ads will be more effective than other traditional marketing methods.

The cost-per-click is also very low with ads compared to other forms of digital marketing since you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. As well as serving this audience through text-based ads on social media platforms and search engines, you can also run video and display ads, which will create visual stimuli for your audience.

4. SEO

SEO is still effective for increasing organic traffic by creating high-quality and relevant content on your website. Renaissance Digital Marketing offers the best SEO services. SEO will increase the visibility of your website and will lead to more organic traffic. This can also be used to build authority over a subject, which is particularly effective if you don’t have a lot of social media followers.

Furthermore, the way that Google ranks results has changed in recent years so that it’s no longer possible to game the system by writing short articles with keyword stuffing on them. They now rely heavily on their search history to determine what kind of results are returned.

Final Words:

The eCommerce industry is growing, and strong competition is still being felt. However, looking at the digital marketing options available to you will hopefully help you understand where to start with your marketing strategy in the short term and how to convert those visitors into customers for the long haul.


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