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2024’s Five TikTok Analytics Tools To Use

The astonishing growth of the TikTok platform is tremendous and worth considering. According to the report of App Annie, most users from all over the world are on Facebook, but it’s the first time in its entire history that TikTok has more users and viewers than Facebook. The report says that the time people are spending on TikTok is increasing with an average percentage of 325% every year.

This statistical data shows that TikTok is surpassing every other social media platform in a short span, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, etc. Thus, TikTok became popular within a few years, while all these significant platforms took decades to get to this place. Here, I have good news for businesses and brands: TikTok marketing through the use of TikTok Analytics, you can present your products and services in front of millions of users.

Let’s go through the top five TikTok Analytics tools that have made our lives easy and give us unique and new ways to tell everybody about your business or brand. Here we go👇!

Do you know why TikTok content creators always have an eye on Shoplus TikTok Analytics tool while programming techniques to spread the voice of their brands and companies? The credit goes to the reports that this tool generates for its users. The easy-to-digest information and insights about your TikTok profile and your brands’ competitors are another reason why influencers are mad for Shoplus.

Moreover, if you want to become consciously aware of your decisions related to TikTok influencer marketing, the Shoplus TikTok Analytics tool is a game changer. Plus, it works like a secret agent who spies on your competitors and gives you data about what you are missing in your content to get videos viral and to have a working strategy. It’s an effective tool for discovering hot and viral videos, listing hashtags and sounds, and saving viral videos in one click.

  • Keyhole TikTok Analytics Tool

The second position for the best TikTok analytics tool goes to Keyhole. It’s another comprehensive tool that analyzes each and everything about your TikTok account and your competitors. Furthermore, influencers, agencies, and brands use this tool crazily and save your time in many other ways.

If you are a TikTok influencer, your top priority would be to identify your top posts, track hashtags, get recommendations to get more engagement, and analyze the profiles and content of competitors. However, it comes with custom prizes for various sizes of businesses. You would have to pay a few bucks to get access to this fantastic TikTok Analytics tool.

  • Socialinsider Tool

Socialinsider TikTok Analytics tool provides you with a single dashboard where you can have full access to reports, analytics, and competitor analysis. Nothing will go missing in this dashboard of Socialinsider like you’ll trace entire metrics in a single place. No need to go anywhere else!

You’ll get complete insights into your TikTok campaigns, TikTok trending hashtags, and measurement of your successful campaigns to improve your TikTok account performance and strategies. But the price of this tool is $86 for a monthly subscription. However, it offers a 14-day free trial option to its users to better know the tool.

  • Social Champ

If you are looking for one of the powerful social media management tools, Social Champ is the correct answer. Its dashboard shows extensive analytics of your TikTok accounts and competitors. Not just this, as it’s a social media management tool, it shows you analytics of 8 other social media platforms in one dashboard.

Do you know what’s the best part of Social Champ that I like the most? It gives you access to analyze three social media accounts for free. So, if you are looking for the best time to post, export reports, schedule your TikTok videos, and post overviews, pick the Social Champ tool.

  • Analisa TikTok Analytics Tool

Social media marketers love to use Analisa as their regular TikTok Analytics tool. The best part of the tool is that it’s the perfect example of AI utilization in the real world. It’s good at offering key metrics, analyzing hashtags, getting information about public profiles on TikTok, and much more.

The authenticity of profiles, competitor analysis, follower demographics, content optimization, generating reports, and many other features of Analisa comes in at only $199.35. If you don’t want to purchase the premium version, there is a free version for you, which is also valuable to get insights to improve your business value on the TikTok platform.

So, these are the best and most demanding TikTok Analytics tools for 2024. There are many other tools in the market, like Pentos, Trendtok, Quintly, Exolyt, and Tikrank. However, my favorite TikTok analytics tool is Shoplus because it’s for everyone, from naive to experts; anyone can use it. It covers everything that a TikTok marketer demands.

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