What is the volatility of an online slot machine?

The volatility of an online slot machine – The Slot game is one of the classic gambling games, so you cannot discuss games in a casino without referencing slot machines in the top five. With the advent of online casinos, classic casino games have taken a more modern, stylish, and fun form.

With online slots, gamblers can now play their favorite game at their convenience. From online casino platforms, players have an endless list of online slot choices to pick from. Most online gambling platforms even offer casino bonuses when you play slot games. No matter what type of slot machine you choose to play, there is one crucial factor that should influence your choice: slot volatility.

Slots volatility refers to how a slot machine pays out a jackpot; it is different from Return to Player (RTP), which is how much a casino game pays back to players. As apparent as slot volatility, some experienced online slot players are unaware of it. However, knowledge about the level of volatility of a slot machine can help you trigger a win, whether of a big or average size.

Types of Slots Volatility:

The volatility of a Slot machine ranges from high to low. The lower the volatility, the more often you win, but you win a low sum. However, low volatile machines are not very common; examples of low volatility slot games include Lucky Cherry, Irish Magic, American Gold Rush, etc.

The higher the volatility, the less you win, but it will be on the high side when you do. Examples include Mercy of the Gods, Gonzo’s Quest, Wheel of Fortune, Megaways, etc. There are also online slots with medium volatility, medium-low volatility, and medium-high volatility. Examples of medium volatility slot machines are: Divine Fortune, 88 Fortunes, Monopoly Megaways

How to Discover the Volatility of a Slot Machine:

There are three primary ways of determining a slot machine’s volatility. In reality, most online casinos should specifically inform prospective players of the level of volatility of a slot when you check to see its info. But only a few really provide that information.

You can also try to search the title on “Google” with the hope of getting the volatility information of the game. When searching, type words like “Mercy of the Gods Slot Volatility.” Ensure to check more than one source to verify that you have an accurate Volatility Index level. 

You can also play the slot in demo practice mode to give you a workable idea of the volatility level. In demo practice mode, you can try out the game as many times as possible without risking the loss of real money. Sometimes, it is only by constantly playing the slot that you can verify the volatility level. Here are some recognized ways of determining the volatility of online slot machines.

Play the game

As stated earlier, most online casinos will not expressly disclose the volatility of slot machines to protect their cash. Hence, it’s up to you, the players, to discover for yourself. Sadly, this is a long and tedious experience as it can take numerous rounds, approximately 500-1,000 spins, to detect the volatility of an online slot game.

Professional players suggest that players could try playing the free version of the game before playing for real. The volatility of any slot machine is the same whether you are playing the free or paid version.

Discover the game’s RTP

The RTP, which translates return to player rate, refers to a projection of how much a player can expect in winnings on an online casino game. The game developers determine the RPT of the game, not the casino.

A Slot machine with high RTP rates will provide a higher chance of winnings, which ultimately makes them less volatile, while a game with lower RTPs will give fewer chances of winning and is considered more volatile.

When you can determine the volatility of online slot machines, you will be able to select a game that matches your betting goals.

Check the intensity of bonuses

Online slot games with more bonus features always have higher volatility. Hence, if a slot machine often gives more free spins and other bonuses, it will pay more winnings than a slot machine that pays fewer bonuses. For instance, slot machines that provide a bonus free spin once every 1000 spins will likely pay more than a slot game that provides a reward after every 100 spins.

Other factors:

Other factors that affect the variance of an online slot game include the obstacles on the reels and pull-away money features that make the game jackpot harder to hit.


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