How to Grow from the Brawl Stars Game?

The Brawl Stars game is a serious buzzword in the online gaming world. Its reputation and growth is increasing every other day. Undoubtedly, it is touching the skies of fame. Credit goes to its unique features, characters, modes, brawlers, credits, and much more. All of these things are playing a pivotal role in its unbeatable popularity among its competing games.

However, a question often pop-up in the newbie player’s minds – how to play the game to get the most fun out of it after getting the Brawl Stars account. So…just follow the footprints of this dedicated guide about the online Brawl Stars game.

Let’s dig into the thoughtful insights!

Get More and More Brawlers:

You need to open boxes to get more brawlers in the Brawl Stars account. Interestingly, there are three types of boxes to discover. The smallest, the Brawl Box, contains 1-3 surprises. The mid-sized Big Box holds 1-4 treats. On the flip side, the Mega Box is the largest one and it is packed with 1-7 goodies.

Surprisingly, you will find coins to upgrade your brawlers inside these boxes. Not just this, you will get Power Points to unlock those upgrades, gadgets for battle advantages, and even new brawlers to join your team.

More importantly, you might score a rare Chromatic or Legendary brawler if luck is on your side. Plus, Chromatics become more likely with each new season. So, let’s get brawl stars accounts and increase our number of brawlers.

Buy Accessories from the Shop:

What if you need something new in urgency? You should head to the shop available in the game to get most of the joy out of it. It is your one-stop spot for all the items and brawlers you need.

You can use your gems to buy brawlers, skins, boxes, and coins. But how do you get gems? You can earn them through Brawl pass rewards or purchase them with your real money in the shop. Have a happy purchase of various things!

Climb the Trophy Road and Win Battles:

Let’s climb the “Trophy Road” and get the mesmerizing rewards. You will unlock a treasure trove of goodies, including new brawlers, boxes, and coins after collecting trophies.

But, what is the key to success? Winning battles. The more you win, the more boxes you will get to open. But be careful – losing battles means fewer boxes and a drop in trophies. So, try hard to win as many battles as you can and keep climbing that Trophy Road!

Try to Build Your Teams:

Do you want to team up with friends or club members in brawl stars accounts for sale? You can easily invite them from your Online Players list by clicking the green “Invite” button.

Need to expand your friend circle? Just head to the suggested friend list and send a friend request..And if you are looking for a new club to join, simply click the club button. There, you will definitely find one that fits your style.

What if you want to join the brawl stars game with others? If someone already has a united team, click the green “Ask to Join” button and hope for the best. They might welcome you with open arms.

But don’t worry if they say “NO” – you will see a “Team Join Request Rejected” message. Remember, you don’t always have to start the invite process – sometimes you can join someone else’s team and be part of their crew.


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