Uber Car Accidents – What to Do in an Uber Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be really traumatic and scary. However, what’s even worse is getting into a car accident in an Uber. Apparently, when involved in a car crash in Uber, the settlement of the accident tends to be way higher than in that case.

What exactly happens if you get into an accident with Uber?

First of all, you need to know exactly what to do if you get into an Uber Car Accident. In this case, if it is you who were involved in an Uber vehicle, then the compensation would depend on the insurance coverage as well. However, the following rules will apply:

  •       If the Uber driver is at fault due to waiting for a ride request, then Uber tends to offer liability coverage that is up to $50,000 per person, as well as $100,000 per accident and $25000 for the property damage.
  •       If the Uber driver is on his way to pick up a passenger or already has a passenger present in the car, then the liability insurance coverage will increase to around $1000000 as well as some other benefits will be given.

Here are a few things you should certainly do if you get into an Uber Accident.

Reporting the Accident:

This is the first thing one should do, as reporting an Uber accident immediately is extremely important. This will help get the insurance policy benefits on time, or else the late reporting might cause complications.

After that, make sure local authorities are contacted and a police report is filed. If you live in Missouri, you can access the Missouri accident report online by adding the ZIP code, date of the accident, and vehicle details. This report can be required by lawyers and insurance companies. Additionally, it can help determine who is liable for damages and injuries.

Documentation of the accident:

The accident should be documented by taking photographs and making a video of the scenario at that time. Make sure you write your side of the story, just like one would in a police report.

Uber Car Accidents

Make sure that any medical treatment records are kept. The evidence will obviously show who was liable for an Uber account, which is of great importance to the company.

Gather all the information that you can:

Make sure you take down all the names of the people who were involved in the accident, which consists of the drivers, injured people as well as witnesses. Having this information is extremely important.

You might also need their contact details or primary phone number. Moreover, take the driver’s insurance details as well.

Seek medical assistance immediately:

This is obviously just as important as the other steps to be followed. Make sure you seek medical assistance immediately, especially if someone is severely injured, then call the ambulance.

Moreover, after that, make sure you get a medical exam after the accident to check if there are any late-breaking symptoms. If you don’t have those symptoms, then there is a chance the insurance company might claim that your injuries didn’t occur in the accident but probably after it.

Make sure that any premature settlement offers are refused:

In case the accident is really serious, there is a chance you might be mentally upset and shaken. The opposing party will obviously take advantage of this and attack your weakness. Hence, they might offer settlements that might be tempting at the moment, but make sure you resist until the situation is under control.

In this case, make sure you check out to gain advice and important information that can help avoid such issues and help come to a proper settlement.

Contact a car accident lawyer:

It is extremely important for you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, as a lawyer would be able to handle the negotiation better than someone who was just in a car accident. An Uber car accident lawsuit can also be filed.

Tips for handling an Uber Accident in a state of shock:

  •       Make sure you schedule a meeting with the car accident attorney, as their consultation can help with a lot of things
  •       Make sure to get a copy of the police report
  •       File a claim with the insurance company and make sure you push them the resolve the claim

What should you do as a passenger in an Uber car accident?

  •       If you are a passenger and are injured in the Uber, you won’t be liable unless and until there are unusual circumstances.
  •       In case of a soft-tissue injury like whiplash, make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible and get yourself checked even if you don’t feel like you’re hurt.
  •       Make sure you file a third-party personal injury and a property damage claim as well with the insurance company, so the driver at fault is held under the radar. Uber insurance is generous enough to cover most expenses.

Things you should know as an Uber Driver in a Car accident:

First of all, it is important to find out if Uber covers car accidents for the drivers. If yes, and if you suffer from a car accident while driving, then you’re not going to be eligible for the worker’s compensation in some parts of the state; however, you can obviously still claim for your own injuries and the third-party liability using your own insurance policy along with the Uber-insurance policy.

Moreover, the benefits of the Uber insurance policy, as well as your coverage, depend on whether you carry an Uber passenger or if you are on your way to pick up an Uber passenger, or even if you are waiting to accept a ride from Uber.


Conclusively, one can say that Uber accidents are going to be complicated, as a lot of formalities need to be performed in order to get the proper insurance coverage, obviously depending on the circumstances.

If you are a passenger involved in the Uber accident, then there are a few tips that you need to follow to make sure you have documented all important and necessary information, which can hold great importance later on. It is important to gather proof and state your sides of the story, however, make sure you never agree to a settlement.

Under the circumstances, the state of shock and guilt can cause you to accept the wrong offer, which might lead to more issues. Hence, it is best to consult an attorney who can deal with this mess.


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