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Search Engine Optimisation is a must for each and every website. SEO involves a number of steps and ways in which it can enhance your content and your website. One of the most important ones is Link Building.

As you start out your journey on the World Wide Web, it is important to understand a basic mechanism. Google is one of the most popular search engines, has developed complex and hidden ways of showing search results.

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If you are in the unknown about SEO or more specifically Link Building, this guide will help you understand how exactly you undertake this activity, its importance, and the hurdles you might face.


Link Building in SEO is the practice of adding more authority and credibility to your website and your content. Link Building is a simple practice that allows content creators and website owners to link other websites or content on their own website.

This allows Hyperlinks to show up on your website or in your content in a creative and helpful way.


Link Building in SEO allows a website to gain credibility, make quality content, gain the trust of the readers, and most importantly, it helps in SERP Ranking.

Search Engine Results Page or SERP Rankings decide whether your webpage will come up in the top spot on the first page or somewhere in the bottom or even the second page.

Consequently, this can change and alter the way in which your website might function and how successful your endeavor might be.


Worry not, this guide will not only allow you to grasp the basics of Link Building in SEO, but it will also help in boosting the development of your website. Keep reading for some great guidance and tips on link building.


Let us explain what link building does in detail. Apart from the trust factor, link building allows websites to retain their number #1 spot on SERPs. This is paramount to any website owner looking to profit from their website.

If you are looking to get organic traffic, increase the popularity of your product, or advertise your service, link building will help you a lot.


<a href=””> #1 Escape room Directory </a>

This is how a typical hyperlink will look like. The ‘a’ at the beginning is an anchor tag. This allows the browser to recognize the beginning of a hyperlink.

Href is an acronym for hyperlink referral.   The quotes that follow it identify the actual URL/address to the website.

Soon after the link ends, there is a word or a combination of words on which the link is supposed to be anchored. This allows hyperlinks to integrate seamlessly with simple text. Anchor text is supposed to be relevant and catchy enough to get clicks. 

The ‘a’ at the end shows that the link tag finishes at that point.


Google’s algorithm for page ranking is a well-kept secret. But people have still found a variety of ways to ensure their website stays at the top. Link building in SEO is one of their ways, has a crucial role.

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In such a scenario, whenever you are creating any sort of content or website, ensure the links on your website are relevant to the content. An out-of-place link can reduce organic traffic as well as page rank.

Thus, ensure whatever you link to is credible, reliable, and above all relevant to what you are saying or intend to convey to an audience.


Your website and content will only help you in going so far. Link Integration helps in adding credibility to your site, but that credibility won’t matter if your UX is not optimized properly. This should not come as a surprise but a good UX will help you in achieving a good rank in SERPs.


It has been repeated several times now, but it cannot be emphasized enough. A bad link can really hurt your website. To this extent, you might lose sponsorships, PageRank, and even organic traffic on your website.

Credibility is the foundation of link building in SEO. Ensure you are adding links from credible sources. There is no shame in adding links to other websites and authors. Take their permission if you have to. This will alternatively help you build connections and affiliations.


People rely on google to give them what they want. If your content or website is inadequate for a reader, hyperlinks to other websites (Backlinks) will help you in retaining that audience.

People will simply rely on your website for quality content and even if they are looking for something else, they will leave our site satisfied. This will significantly boost your page rank as well.

Thus, undertake quality research. Even if the topic or content is odd or insignificant, try and find some interesting and credible websites. Developing a good research skill will also yield other benefits.


Link building can be tedious. One great way to solve the hassle is to simply have a separate document with the proposed links to add. This not only allows you to stay organized, but it will also help you in avoiding repetition and achieving maximum clarity in your article.

You can further specify the placement of the link so as to avoid any confusion and a quick reference.


A good linking building practice grants authority to your website and its content. How does authority help? Let’s understand with the help of an example.

Let’s suppose you wrote an article about the benefits of educational escape rooms. It is important to understand that those benefits be backed by a credible and authoritative source.

With some quality research, adding a peer-reviewed article as a link will greatly increase the kind of authority your content has on that topic. Now adding a peer-reviewed article is obviously good but it’s not a necessity. You can always rely on authentic sources (High in page ranking) which themselves disclose their sources and have various links.


Google is a big platform. Its crawler service which essentially scans the web for relevant links does this through a complex algorithm. Humans being humans have tried to bypass and fool this algorithm in numerous ways.

One way is to just add huge amount links on your website. This would’ve worked before, but it won’t work right at this moment. Google’s algorithm grows smarter with time and has learned to identify bad quality articles and rank them lower.

Meaning if you want to use link building in SEO to your benefit, ensure you add links to your quality content. Even high-quality content without links will end up in a lower rank.


Remember knowing where to place a good link in your high-quality content is half the work. The rest is finding that link. Link placement in SEO can play an important part.

As a tip, try avoiding links in your header and footer. Even the sidebars are not effective. The main body of your website or your content however is a good place to add links.


As a beginner, you will not be expected to site your own articles or your own website links. Depending on the requirement, you will generally rely on some established and credible websites as links.

But if your website and content are trustworthy and authoritative in nature, you can easily add relevant links to websites. These links would be the internal links. The ones not from your website are known as external links.


Link building in SEO doesn’t really have a negative to it. This means that people will be happy in most cases if you site their website in a positive way. This not only builds trust between two different entities but also gives you a chance for growing connections.

With growing connections, you will also slowly get affiliations and even collaborations. These will significantly boost your traffic and popularity.

As a tip, remember to be respectful to the people on your site. Give proper credits where they are due. If you are uncertain whether you can refer something or not,


We live in an age where our questions can be answered in seconds. Thus, one of the best ways to learn link building in SEO is to observe some of the top and credible sites or even your competitors to understand what they do and how they do it. 

As a tip, be patient, it will take some time to get used to linking building, but it will bear its fruit later.  Link building in SEO is an art form, mastering it will be beneficial for all your internet endeavors.


Alas! If you have read through this much, chances are you now possess more knowledge than most of your competitors. Then again, there is a lot to learn. Link Building is a crucial step in establishing a healthy and effective SEO strategy.

An effective strategy that incorporates the above points will greatly increase your PageRank and the popularity of your website. It is a great way of meeting like-minded people as well. With these many benefits, it is hard to ignore such a crucial step.


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