How Wearing Gemstones Could Change a Person’s Life?

As jewelry lovers, we have developed a tendency to prise gemstones for their ornamental value and exquisite beauty in the market.

You would be falling for the mystical beauty of opal jewelry that depicts the elegant “play-of-colors” on its surface, but a few might be knowing that this mysterious gemstone can bless you with divine healing properties.

Similarly, the whitest sheen of moonstone jewelry is indeed awe-inspiring and eye captivating for everyone. However, its miraculous powers to steer the mind towards peace and positivity in life go unsung among jewelry lovers.

No doubt that in this modern world, gemstones have become a significant element of jewelry and fashion that have been entrusted with the onus to surge the beauty and charm of the wearer.

If we turn around the pages of history, we will get to know that in ancient times, gemstones were used beyond the scope of jewelry. In fact, the ancient Egyptian and Greek folks have adored gemstones to have supernatural and divine powers that could transform a person’s life.

So, How Wearing Gemstone Could Change your life?

Let’s Know

Gemstones are Associated with Planets.

As per astrology and Vedic Literature, everything that happens with us is usually governed by the position of nine planets.

For a happy and harmonious life, it is quite imperative for these nine planets to be in a favorable position. On the contrary to it, if they tend to be in an unfavorable position, things may get quite disastrous too.

Various ancient scriptures and folks have corroborated the mystical and miraculous powers of gemstones to align the positions of these planets. Certain gemstones are associated with different planets. For instance, turquoise jewelry is associated with the planet Jupiter.

Wearing gemstones, therefore, can synchronize the planetary positions which can improve the quality of our day-to-day life.

However, the end result is decided by our karma, but planetary position plays a significant role.

Gemstones Connect to the Five Elements of the Body.

The human body is formed of the five elements of nature. The fire element, the water element, the space element, the air element, and the earth element.

When we expose ourselves to these five elements externally, our body reacts in a very positive and harmonious to the best advantage of our person.

These five divine elements are also the epitome of certain gemstones.

  • Ruby and Coral represent the fire element
  • Pearl and diamond are the epitomai of the water element
  • Blue Sapphire emanates the space element
  • Yellow Sapphire represents the air element
  • Emerald represents the earth’s element

Wearing gemstone jewelry helps us to connect to the infinite powers of nature. This leads to a charming effect on life.

In fact, as per the Tantra Sara (a famous Tantrik Scripture), the body is made up of 9 gems which are associated with the nine metal constituents (known as the dhatus) of which the body is composed of. These nine elements in the body are:

  • Flesh – Yellow Sapphire
  • Air – Blue Sapphire
  • Skin – Cats eye
  • Blood – Coral
  • Bone – Diamond
  • Marrow – Emerald
  • Fat – Hessonite
  • Semen – Pearl
  • Vitality – Ruby

Gemstones are not separate from the body. In hindsight, the gems empower the supreme forces of the body.

Gemstone Jewelry Aids the Health and Immunity.

Gemstones come with a hidden power within themselves that works miraculously to improve the health and immunity of the body.

For instance, the exquisite opal stone works tremendously to boost the neuro-stability in the mind of the wearer as it creates a balance between both the hemispheres of the mind.

tanzanite jewelry

Moldavite jewelry has proved its magic to strengthen and improve eyesight.

Similarly, tanzanite jewelry is believed to be a detoxifying stone that flushes out all the toxins from the body to purify it from the chore. Last but not least, various gemstones also provide stability to some of the vital functions of the body like digestion, blood flow, and reproduction as well as several processes of the brain.

Gemstone Helps in Unleashing the Untapped Energy of the Brain.

At the center of your forehead, rests the third eye or the crown chakra. This chakra of the body holds within itself endless potential and powers that if unleashed, can truly transform a person.

Certain gemstones like opal, moldavite, and turquoise channel the energy of the body toward the crown chakra. This energy can help the wearer to feel and utilize the untapped powers of his/her brain.

These powers mostly get translated to higher levels of concentration, unwavering focus levels, and peak levels of self-awareness and intelligence.

In various scriptures and folks, gemstones have been appraised as “stones of spirituality” as imbibing the true powers of them lets the person see the actual truth of the world, beyond the societal concept and theories.

 Gemstones: A Bohemian Love Story.

You might get quite astonished to realize, that gemstones also tend to rage up the feeling and emotion of love and affection.

For instance, moonstone, which is adored as the “stone of lovers” is believed to connect to the heart chakra and fill the heart with selfless love and purity.

Also, gemstones flush out the heart of all the negativities like envy, jealousy, ego, hatred, etc. This makes the wearer open to love and romance.

Gemstones are even adored to be anniversary gemstones. Most men tend to surprise their spouses with glittering and precious gemstone jewelry like 925 sterling silver jewelry on their wedding anniversaries.

Wrapping up:

As we are about to wrap up the discussion, each of us has been introduced to the astounding powers of gemstones that could indeed transform a person’s life and destiny.

Gemstones are not mere piece of stone that shines through the darkness and lends endless elegance and beauty.

Their powers are beyond lending external beauty.

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