How Does Gemstone Jewelry Make You Feel?

Gemstone Jewelry – Gemstones are widely acknowledged and recognized for their mystical powers. And the best way to feel the magic of these gemstones is by wearing them regularly.

They will help the individual to connect with the higher and profound energies of nature, increasing their concentration and associating them with the inner conscious. Moreover, they have no connection to the religious group, and anyone can wear and take their benefits.

Gemstone Jewelry:

Gemstone generates positive vibes, strengthening the person from inside. The soothing effect of these crystals can make the person feel calm and helps to get rid away from the problem of stress and anxiety. Moreover, they are even worn at the time of starting some new venture to bring success into it.

They will surround the person with positive energies, which will prevent the wearer from the misfortunes coming their way. In addition, they are the eternal beauty that lasts for a lifetime, and they will benefit the wearer physically and spiritually.

There are some most demanding gemstones that are recommended even by astrologers. Some of them are the moonstone, opal, turquoise, Botswana agate, and Mookaite. Let us learn about these mystical crystals in detail.


Moonstone is an exquisite gemstone that is made of orthoclase and albite and belongs to the feldspar mineral family. They have various layers inside them, and while cutting this gemstone, the artisan needs to be very careful.

This is because they possess the sheen, which is the most unique quality of moonstone jewelry. This gem is worn primarily by the one born in the month of June, as it is their birthstone. Most importantly, moonstones have flickering inside – an irisation.


opal jewelry

Opals are gorgeous and elegant gemstones found in various shades. The best opal comes from Ethiopia and is set into sterling silver which makes beautiful opal jewelry pieces.

They have the ability to make anyone fall in love with them, and they even have the love energies bringing the couple closer to each other. However, they are fragile in nature and should be kept away from getting scratches and damage.


The oldest gemstone worn by many kings in their crowns to protect their kingdom is used by many people even today for its protecting energy. It is a hydrated phosphate mineral composed of copper and aluminum, which rates between 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale hardness.

Although there are various shades of this stone, the best and most preferred stone is the blue-green hue stone. Moreover, you can even see the spiderweb-like matrix on the surface of the Turquoise jewelry. This kind of jewelry is used to make statements at parties, enriching the aura of the women.

Botswana Agate:

Botswana agate is one of the varieties of the Agate family and has a rich history behind its formation. It belongs to the Quartz mineral family and is a variation of banded Chalcedony. They are available in shades of pink grey with layers containing muted apricot and browns. These stones are regarded for stabilizing and strengthening the wearer, mentally and physically.


Mookaite is a silicified radiolarite, a biogenic sedimentary rock that is composed of endoskeletons of radiolaria. It has fossiliferous properties and contains fossils inside it. It is only found in the small zone along Mooka Creek, east of the Mardathuna Track the whole world.

Keeping the mookaite jewelry under the pillow while sleeping would help the wearer to sleep without facing the problems of insomnia, lucid dreaming, and sleep breaks. Moreover, it is best worn in the form of a ring or pendant closer to the wearer’s heart.

Where to Buy These Gemstones From?

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