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Bridal Desires: Trends in Engagement Ring Designs for the Modern Bride

Modern designs have dominated recent trends in engagement ring designs. Creative diamond placements, east-west orientations, bold gemstones, and marquise-shaped diamonds are some of the popular designs. Engagement rings with combinations of old-school designs, contemporary styling, and colors like yellow and rose gold are popular options. Here are some of the trending engagement ring designs for the modern bride:

Halo Design Rings

A halo of diamonds organized around the center stone as part of a diamond-enhanced make is one of the popular designs today. Round center stones are a popular choice when opting for the halo style. The band metal of the halo design includes 14k white gold and 18k white gold. Hidden halos encompass a way to feature intricate design details that make engagement rings stand out. A little collar with diamonds around your basket makes your ring unique.

Vintage Design Rings

Some couples opt for vintage wedding ring makes that offer a different appearance to modern ring designs. One popular design is the side-stone diamond engagement ring with diamonds cascading down a vintage engraved shank. This ring design has a milgrain edging, adding to the detail of the styling. Vintage engagement rings with colorful stones are gaining popularity. Contemporary designs incorporate a mix of modern and vintage elements. Halo designs like scalloped halos that factor in all-over milgrain sides make a unique ring design for your engagement ceremony stand out.

Cushion-shaped Center Stones

Cushion-shaped center stones, including elongated cushions, are some of today’s top-requested rings. Elongated cushion-shaped center stones work for average and long fingers. These rings create the illusion of more carat weights when compared to square cushion shapes. Skilled jewelers add nuances like a diamond split band and pave halos to enhance cushion-shaped center stones. Unique shank designs like three splits make your engagement ring stand out.

Two-tone Rings

Two-tone rings that mix white, yellow, and gold colors are gaining popularity. You can have a yellow gold shank designed alongside a white prong and gold basket. Experienced jewelers can create two-tone rings with floral-patterned center stones with white and yellow gold tones to add sparkle to your ring. The two-tone designs enhance the whiteness of the diamonds while creating a contrast that can give you the ring appearance you desire. You can opt for simple yet elegant ring designs with only a band using diamond as the primary stone arching along white and yellow gold tones.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold rings offer a balance between modern and vintage designs. The warm color of rose gold rings can match the joyful mood of your wedding day. Skilled jewelers use the skills derived from early artisans to create the right rose shade from a gold and copper alloy. You can access various rose gold designs, including the wide, twisted, professionally set diamond band. The simple diamond band ring without a center stone gives you incredible detail. This is due to its twisted and uniquely set diamond shank.

Pave Band Rings

Paved rings are encrusted with tiny diamonds positioned along the shank. This intricate design gives your ring’s band the look of a continuous diamond surface. You can opt for a full pave design where pave settings cover the entire band. Half-pave designs where only the upper side has paved settings that fit your taste. Your pave design can be combined with a halo design by expert jewelers to achieve a bold and conspicuous expression.

Professional jewelers make your ring stand out by incorporating pave designs with classic three-stone designs having three halos surrounding three round diamonds. Such a design incorporating a diamond-paved band creates an unmatched sparkle. The paved diamonds add a sense of contrast to illuminate the shapes and features of your three-stone halo ring.

Get The Latest Engagement Rings Today

The latest ring trends to look at for your engagement include rings incorporating a mix of modern and classic styles. There are suitable options for clients demanding simple but detailed wedding rings, such as full diamond pave rings without center stones. If you want a bold selection for your wedding, opt for three-stone halo rings or rings with elongated and cushioned center stones. Expert jewelers have the variety to match a range of client preferences. Contact established jewelers today and explore a variety of designs to find the perfect ring for your engagement.

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