5 Steps of Basic Guideline for an Argumentative Essay

Whether you are an MBA or college student, you will require the skill of presenting your thoughts in a structured essay, mentioning which argumentative essays are the popular assignments where you must be clever in using your arguments. For starters, you can access an essay rewriter to get help with writing.

But blindly relying on the styles of history essay rewriters won’t help by my assignment help you write an ideal argumentative essay since the guideline is more important than quickly completing your essay.

Hence, check the below steps that will guide you with a basic guideline for argumentative essays –

Know the Structure

The first thing you must know is to outline before starting to write an argumentative essay. 

For example, you are writing about why family health assignment can help gain profits under the same roof. You must write both sides of this topic, focussing on how it is profitable, how it creates confusion among the consumers, etc., but with a flow.

Using an outline, you can better organize your points and control the essay’s pace


  • Hook
  • Background Information
  • Thesis Statement


  • First Argument
  • Second Argument
  • Third Argument

Counter Arguments

  • Rebuttal


  • Summary of Main Points 
  • Final Remarks 

3 Step-Introduction

Whenever you write the introduction for an argumentative essay, it should be written with logic, intelligence, and persuasiveness (instead of simply claiming what you believe).

To do so, you must maintain these three steps for introduction –

  • Create a hook first
  • Give some background info
  • Describe your thesis

Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis statement sums up the entire article in one succinct, understandable sentence so as to provide support for your assertion. 

Hence, it must be valid, debatable, educational, and interesting.

Here, you can apply the strategy of turning your issue into a question. Simply take the subject of your essay and transform it into a contested statement.

Add Counterarguments

When you write an argumentative essay, note that the reader’s potential counterargument to your main argument is the ultimate goal.

That’s why you must present facts and evidence to show notions of your point.

Furthermore, the three phases of creating a counterargument are as follows:

  • List the opposition’s arguments
  • Describe your reaction
  • Dispute the conflicting assertions

Restating in the Conclusion

The conclusion must be clear and logical in order to persuade the reader to accept your thesis. It should give the final opinion on the matter, demonstrating that your side is correct.

Hence, follow these three steps to developing a strong argumentative essay conclusion:

  • Restate the argument in brief
  • Summarise everything that was said in the body paragraph.
  • Conclude with a call to action.

Summary – An argument in an essay format requires maintaining certain guidelines. Hence, instead of getting excited to debate, you must write in a follow which will logically justify your points. Read this article & learn more.

Author Bio – Emmanuel Dorman is an online educator based in Sydney. He is also associated with the academic brand where he provides essay rewriter help. Along with that, Emmanuel loves to read classic novels.

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