Apptivo best Strategies For The Entrepreneurially Challenged in 2022

Apptivo is a US based online customer relationship management system for managing marketing, sales & database system from Android/IOS devices. It is a business management app including complete tools for customer database. It is supple and automated program.

Top 10 features of Apptivo:

  • Dashboard for runtime activity with notifications
  • Management of business campaigns
  • Database of customers
  • Business customized reports
  • Templates as per requirement
  • Feature data Import & Export
  • Storage availability for documentation in Apptivo
  • Management of Email with email marketing
  • Automation of routing
  • Portal features with self service and management of workflow

CRM Management:

  • Customer relation management system deals with tracking of complete sales and finishes most of deals from anywhere with this software online. All customers can be tracked and manage by using this software.
  • In Apptivo there are many options in this feature like complete details of customers can be sorted according to requirement

CRM Management System for monitoring of tasks

Tracking & Monitoring:

  • You can collaborate on every task with employees
  • Timesheets can be managed using Apptivo
  • It creates reports of log expense

Features in Sheet for Tracking and Monitoring

Online Invoicing:

  • You can create your own customized templates for the invoices
  • Invoices can be generate into customized format as per required e.g. PDF
  • This billing system to send and receive payments from anywhere using Apptivo

Apptivo Help Desk:

  • It is a dominant ticketing system to deliver remarkable customer support
  • Local Time Zone will be mentioned and tickets will be stamped with configured time zone
  • Customer support is available 24/7 from management

Expense Reports:

  • This feature allow reporting of expenses and includes workflow tools for simple approval.
  • Customize your own fields that meet the needs of your business to record expenses.
  • Own fields can be customized that will met the requirements of business to record expenses

Field Service:

  • In this feature you can generate below mention tasks:
  • Work Orders
  • Invoice for jobs
  • Dispatch employees
  • Alerts can be activated against due dates of tasks & assignment
  • Notification when customers is assigned
  • Multiple options for alert activation

Procurement & Purchase Orders:

  • Supply chain management with vendor tracking services.
  • This feature allow the user to manage all procurement activities
  • User can also make purchase orders according the requirement
  • Inventory can be manage and track as per sell activity.

Email Marketing:

  • Customers’ can be engaged directly by email campaigns.
  • Integrated system with online monitoring
  • Unlimited customized fields can be made for campaign requirements
  • No restrictions for user in Apptivo


  • This software can be accessed anywhere
  • Favorite service can be connected at any workplace
  • It has superior support for the users

 Android & IOS Application of Apptivo:

  • It has mobile app with all business requirements

Android/IOS application for smart phones

6 Best Industrial Categories in Apptivo:

  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • NGO
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Utilities


  • This software has dashboard for runtime activity tracking with alerts/notifications
  • Business campaigns can be managed using this software for promotion
  • It can store a great database of customers
  • It a provide reports for every aspect what a business needs.
  • You can chose and work on any template
  • Data can be import or export using this software
  • Documents can be stored in its own storage media
  • Emails can be managed accordingly for marketing strategies.
  • Service login Portal has features with self service and management of workflow


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