Adrienne Calhoun: George Foreman’s First Wife and the Woman Behind His Early Years


In the dynamic realm of boxing, George Foreman’s towering figure symbolizes triumph and resilience. However, beyond the dazzling lights of his legendary career, a captivating chapter unfolds — the narrative of his first wife, Adrienne Calhoun. This exploration immerses into the intricate details of their relationship, the challenges faced, and the enduring impact Adrienne Calhoun left on his formative years.

Adrienne Calhoun Bio:

Full name       Adrienne Calhoun
Birthday Year  1953
Age     70 years (in 2023)
GENDER  Female
Profession Celebrity wife
Famous as    The wife of George Foreman
Spouse  George Foreman (m. 1971–1974)
Children’s Michi Foreman
Religion Christianity

The Early Years: Challenges and Triumphs with George Foreman’s First Wife:

Adrienne Calhoun and George Foreman

 Adrienne Calhoun entered the whirlwind life of a rising sports icon when she became George Foreman’s first wife in 1971. Amidst the meteoric rise of Foreman’s career, she stood as a silent pillar of support, weathering the demands of his training and the constant spotlight on their relationship.

The complexities of a boxer’s life, with demanding schedules and public scrutiny, added strains to their relationship. Nevertheless, Calhoun remained steadfast, offering unwavering support and understanding as Foreman carved his legacy in the brutal world of boxing.

Who Was George Foreman’s First Wife?

George Foreman’s first wife was Adrienne Calhoun. Born in 1953, Adrienne Calhoun became an integral part of Foreman’s life when they married in 1971. Their union marked a pivotal moment in the legendary boxer’s personal history.

Adrienne Calhoun played a significant role in supporting George Foreman during the early years of his rising career. As Foreman’s prominence in the boxing world grew, Calhoun stood as a silent pillar of strength, navigating the challenges of being married to a sports icon.

Adrienne Calhoun with George Foreman

Their marriage brought forth two children, with Michi Foreman being their eldest daughter. However, despite the joys of family life, the demanding schedules of a boxer’s life and the constant public scrutiny added strains to their relationship.

The first marriage faced its share of struggles, and rumors of an alleged affair eventually led to their divorce in 1974. This marked a turning point in George Foreman’s personal life, setting the stage for subsequent marriages.

Opting for privacy, Adrienne Calhoun kept her work history undisclosed, shrouding much of her personal life from the public eye. Recognized primarily as the inaugural spouse of the former professional boxer and Olympic gold medalist, George Foreman, Calhoun, despite a short-lived marriage, played a substantial role in shaping Foreman’s early life.

Her passing in 2016 signified the conclusion of an era, leaving behind a lasting legacy that transcended her brief union with the boxing legend.

The First Marriage: A Turning Point:

The marriage faced its share of struggles, and rumors of an alleged affair led to their divorce in 1974. This marked a significant turning point in George Foreman’s personal life, setting the stage for subsequent marriages. Adrienne Calhoun’s private life retreated from the public eye, maintaining an air of mystery that contrasted sharply with the intensity of the boxing ring.

George Foreman’s Marital Odyssey:

Following his divorce from Adrienne Calhoun, George Foreman embarked on a series of marriages, each contributing to the intricate tapestry of his personal life.

1. Cynthia Lewis

Foreman’s second marriage, in 1977, resulted in the birth of Georgetta. However, the union was brief, and the couple filed for divorce in 1979.

2. Sharon Goodson

Not much is known about Goodson’s personal life, and his third marriage to her lasted barely a year. Together, the couple didn’t have any kids.

3. Andrea Skeete

Foreman’s fourth marriage, in the same year as his divorce from Goodson, produced two children—Freeda Foreman and George Foreman III. The marriage ended in 1985.

4. Martelly

Foreman’s fifth and enduring marriage began in 1985. Though Martelly maintains a low profile, the couple has five children together—Leola, Natalie, George IV, George V, and George VI.

Adrienne Calhoun: A Closer Look:

Despite the challenges that marked their marriage, Adrienne Calhoun remained an integral part of Foreman’s journey. Her professional history remains largely unknown, as she chose to keep her private life away from the media spotlight. Calhoun is best remembered for being George Foreman’s first wife, the Olympic gold winner, and former professional boxer.

Adrienne’s Legacy and Passing:

Adrienne Calhoun passed away in 2016, leaving behind a legacy as George Foreman’s first wife and the first lady of a boxing icon. Despite the brevity of their marriage, she played a crucial role in shaping Foreman’s early years, enduring periods of separation and reconciliation. The couple’s ability to put aside their differences and maintain a friendship reflects the depth of their connection.

George Foreman’s Career and Legacy:

From 1967 to 1997, George Foreman had an impressive career, becoming the oldest heavyweight champion and securing an Olympic gold medal. His two heavyweight world titles were complemented by thriving ventures in business and writing, contributing to his remarkable legacy. With an estimated net worth of $300 million, Foreman’s success outside the ring mirrors his boxing achievements.

Conclusion: The Unveiling of a Boxing Legend’s Personal Life

In conclusion, the story of Adrienne Calhoun, George Foreman’s first wife, unveils the intricate layers of a legendary boxer’s personal life. From the highs of boxing victories to the lows of marital challenges, their journey reflects the complexities that accompany a life in the public eye.

Adrienne Calhoun becomes a pivotal character in the story as we delve into the subtleties of Foreman’s relationships, helping to mould the man behind the gloves. With her death in 2016, a chapter came to an end, and she left behind a legacy that goes beyond her brief marriage to a boxing legend.



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