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Simple Tips for Updating Children’s Spaces with Style

Updating and refreshing children’s bedrooms and play areas can seem daunting, but with some simple tips and affordable ideas, you can give these spaces a stylish, fun and functional makeover. From adding pops of colour and character to maximising storage and comfort, keep reading for inspiration to transform your little ones’ rooms with ease.

Add Bold and Bright Colours

Injecting bright, cheerful colours is an easy way to give a kids’ room an instant lift. Replace light fixtures with fun-shaped lamps in vibrant colours like red, yellow or green. Introduce patterned textiles like checked curtains, striped rugs and polka dot bed linens to add youthful character. Paint an accent wall in a bold tone like teal, purple or orange to act as a lively backdrop for your child’s interests and hobbies. For a budget-friendly refresh, pick out a few key accessories, like storage boxes, waste bins and photo frames in a fun colour theme.

Include Special Storage Solutions

Children tend to accumulate a lot of toys, games, art supplies, books and more, so ensuring there is sufficient and smart storage is essential for keeping spaces tidy. Clever solutions like toy boxes on casters, fabric storage bins, mounted wall shelves and under-bed drawers maximise every inch to neatly contain the organised chaos.

Incorporate Comfy Seating Areas

Carving out special spots for lounging, reading and playing encourages kids to actively use their room. Arrange a padded floor seat piled with cushions and floor pillows under a window or reading nook. Centre a colourful oval or beanbag chair on a rug where toys and games can easily be spread out. Built-in window seats with storage underneath add character and usable space. For tweens and teens, add a two-person love seat at the foot of a bed centred around a TV, gaming or study area.

Add Window Stickers

Applying whimsical window stickers is an easy, artistic way to customise any child’s room with their interests, from princesses and animals to dinosaurs and vehicles. The best stickers for windows are removable and allow light through while adding a transparent layer of charm to plain glass. Opt for white window stickers as an elegant neutral backdrop to layer on bright décor accents.

Consider kids’ hobbies and heroes when selecting fun motifs so imagination can take flight, staring out lively window art stickers while drifting off to sleep or play. Combine phrases, icons, borders and full-scene stickers for windows in creative combinations kids can help design.

Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

Children’s rooms should support an array of activities like playtime, arts and crafts, homework, reading and more through practical furnishings that maximise both floor area and vertical storage capacity. Look for bunk beds with built-in shelves and desks underneath. Convertible loft beds with space for a sofa or desk conserve square footage. Cubby organisers offer designated homes for everything from pencils to devices to laundry.

With a dash of colour, ample storage, cosy seating, decorative stickers for windows and adaptable furniture, it’s simple to whip kids’ spaces into shape for less. Focus on your child’s personality, needs and style to select updates that spark creativity and productivity while keeping rooms fresh, tidy and comfortable.


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