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Flutter App Development: Tips for Building High-Performance Mobile Apps

The advent of Flutter has become helpful for several developers across the globe.

Today, companies hire Flutter developers to build cross-platform applications at a brisk pace.

With over 24,000 applications in the market, Flutter app development is on a roll. Companies outsourcing software development can capitalize on this open-source framework’s multiple advantages.

If you are a business or Flutter app development company looking to utilize this framework properly, knowing some practical technical tips is essential. Some handy suggestions from experts can help you develop Flutter apps that can join the ranks of brands like eBay and Google Classroom.

This blog contains vital tips for boosting the Flutter app development process. Scroll below to make the best use of some valuable insights and build splendid mobile applications.

Challenges in the Flutter App Development Process

With a market share of 42%, Flutter is one of the most prominent cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. This statistic implies that Flutter app development is mostly an ergonomic process. Still, not every technology is fool-proof.

Developers can face some practical difficulties while utilizing a specific framework. Be it custom web application development or mobile app creation, some challenges are common while using Flutter. This section focuses on some of the top queries that also impact Flutter app development costs.

  • There can be coding gaps that impact the Flutter app development process
  • Flutter apps can feel slow in comparison to Objective C or Swift
  • Certain UI lags can seem evident during the mobile application functioning
  • The application size of Flutter mobile apps is larger, resulting in more storage space

To overcome these practical issues, you need to implement some tactics and enhance the Flutter app development process.

Tips to Create High-performance Flutter Mobile Apps

The several benefits of this framework enable you to counter the practical challenges that can arise during Flutter app development. Here are some helpful tips or suggestions you can implement without hassle.

1. Create Stateless Widgets

You should build mobile applications by using stateless widgets. Why?

Well, the use of stateful widgets leads to an increase in the app’s build time. This aspect can increase the Flutter app development cost.

So, note this – do not use setState() for all the mobile application functions. Also, it is an excellent notion to avoid rebuilding StatefulWidgets. Only rebuild widgets when you feel there will be an enhancement in the user interface.

If you have static functions, it is a good idea to use stateless widgets. Here are other auxiliary points for implementing this tip in your Flutter app development process:

  • Break intricate widgets into sub-widgets
  • Do not use helper functions for rendering UI
  • Use well-known packages like MobX or flutter_bloc

Moreover, once you hire Flutter developers who are proficient in their work, such technicalities become vital inclusions in the service.

2. Use the Latest Flutter Version

Using Flutter’s latest and stable version is crucial to developing high-performing mobile apps. The updated versions of this cross-development framework have essential bug fixes and new features.

For instance, the new iterations of this open-source tool have improved image loading performance and the addition of a custom menu bar feature. Also, the latest versions have up-to-date debugging tools and a new lifecycle API.

All these aspects ensure that the Flutter app development process is seamless. In addition, you can hire Flutter developers who leverage these facets to develop refined mobile apps. So, as a business, choosing the latest version of this framework can save development costs and time.

3. Implement List Items Properly

A Flutter app development company has technicians who understand the utilities of minor elements. However, if you are experimenting with this framework without an outsourcing service, certain aspects need proper attention.

List items are one such facet that requires proper implementation. The addition of several list items during Flutter app development can cause an increase in the rendering duration. So, the under-optimized mobile app can impact user retention rate profoundly.

What is the solution? Use this function – ListView()

This widget improves rendering and the scalability of a linear list in the mobile app. At the same time, your team can avoid the use of ‘Column()’ to optimize the performance.

4. Use Flutter Inspector

To visualize Flutter widget trees, the inspector feature can prove extremely useful. This feature can be vital during Flutter app development, especially for testers.

Here are some of the utilities of Flutter Inspector that can help you create high-quality mobile apps:

  • Visualization of widget trees
  • Usefulness in writing integration tests
  • Debug layout problems with or without the use of code
  • Accelerate the process of integration testing
  • Run testing features within the native framework

The proper use of Flutter Inspector can take care of the testing requirements of your mobile apps. As a result, you can launch an application with appropriate validation and elimination of bugs.

5. Optimize the Loading of Images

Mobile applications without images or graphics are non-existent. Images that portray your brand’s message need to have proper inclusion in the mobile app. During Flutter app development, loading such images quickly can positively impact the application’s performance.

Notably, there is a trick to optimize the loading speed that does not require you to hire Flutter developers for customized services. Simply use this package – CachedNetworkImage.

This package minimizes the number of network requests to load images in your mobile application. Another alternative is to embed low-resolution images during the Flutter app development process. You can replace the image later with a high-resolution picture.

If you feel this process is too technical, approaching a Flutter development company can be a good decision. Such organizations have a professional team that has decent knowledge of such tips.

6. Make Proper Use of Operators

During the coding process in Flutter app development, you can implement nullable operators to save time. These operators also prove helpful in writing robust code and improving readability.

Developers can note the following points while creating mobile apps using Flutter:

  • Avoid using the ‘Build()’ command to save memory
  • Use null-check operators for proper logging of errors
  • Utilize the ‘+’ operator for chaining and string operations
  • Use async/await to enhance the readability of the code

Overall, such technical inclusions can help create top-quality mobile applications and help receive high ROI over the Flutter app development cost.

Additional Tips for Seamless Flutter App Development

Mobile devices have become popular tools for exploring products and services. With over 6.8 billion smartphone users, businesses like yours have a broad user base for establishing fruitful connections.

However, it is also true that you aspire to target a specific section of such a broad target audience. So, the stiff competition demands a top-notch application development process. As a company, you should aim to implement measures to boost the quality of Flutter app development.

Explore the following points and implement them to save Flutter app development costs and conduct efficient optimization.

Spend Time Planning the Development Process

You should not delve directly into the process of developing mobile apps using Flutter. Even a professional Flutter development company spends time understanding the business requirements and available resources.

So, to reduce costs and build top-quality applications, it is crucial to plan and follow these pointers:

  • Define the objective of your mobile app
  • Choose an appropriate technology stack
  • Make a list of optimizations to perform
  • Identify issues and brainstorm solutions

After evaluating all these aspects, you can optimize the mobile app. Simple tweaks in the Flutter app development process can boost your output to a great extent.

Utilize Consistent Performance Monitoring

While creating high-performance apps, you must conduct thorough performance monitoring activities at every stage. Before launching the application, follow tips like using Flutter Inspector for integration testing.

In addition, you should take complete note of the existing issues and solve them in a stepwise manner. Bug elimination and code modifications can elevate your app’s quality. If you lack proper technical resources, approach a Flutter app development company to test and gauge the performance of your mobile app.

Prioritize Simplicity

If you do not wish to allocate huge financial capital to build your mobile app, it is better to embrace simplicity. Complex Flutter apps with many widgets and features consume time and have a high Flutter app development cost.

So, if you do not need certain elements, it is wise to focus on creating a simple UI. This aspect becomes easier to understand once you hire Flutter developers with ample experience. Experienced professionals can suggest the most suitable level of complexity to create your company’s app.

As a result, the Flutter app development process becomes economical to implement.

In a Nutshell

To create high-quality Flutter applications, you need to make some technical tweaks. The use of stateless widgets, proper implementation of list items, and using the latest Flutter version are some vital suggestions.

Furthermore, you should pay adequate attention to the use of operators. Optimize the images for quicker loading and utilize the Flutter inspector for testing. All these practical tips can enhance your Flutter app development process profoundly.

Along with implementing these tips, you should plan properly to utilize the available resources. An experienced Flutter app development company can guide you through the app optimization process. So, before you hire Flutter developers, check the portfolio of the potential vendor.

To get professional guidance and build engaging Flutter mobile apps, you can connect with team eLuminous. Our dedicated team can offer appropriate documentation and help you create Flutter applications with high ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Flutter app development suitable for building smartphone applications?

Flutter is a flexible open-source framework that helps create apps for start-ups and large-scale enterprises. The low development costs, brisk pace, and cross-platform compatibility make it a good option for developing smartphone applications.

2. Is the speed of Flutter apps good?

Generally, Flutter apps follow a unique rendering approach that helps gain good performance and speed. Devices that can receive 120 Hz updates can launch such mobile apps with a speed of 120 fps. So, approaching a Flutter development company can prove fruitful in launching a swift business app.

3. How can I optimize my mobile app?

You can reduce the app size, reduce activity leaks, attain an optimal frame rate, and decrease app launch time to achieve fool-proof optimization. Connect with a reliable Flutter app development company to receive proper guidance on such a process.

4. Which backend option is good for Flutter App development?

The static server from Golang is suitable for hosting Flutter web applications. You can create the server using minimal code requirements and control Flutter app development costs. Ensure that you hire dedicated developers who are up to date with such crucial information.


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