Exploring the Basics of Natural Magick: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever wanted to harness the power of nature to enhance your life? Natural magick is all about tapping into the energy of the natural world to bring about positive change in your life.

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, find love or success, or simply connect more deeply with the natural world, there are countless ways to get started with natural magick.

This guide will get you started on understanding the background of the craft. Read on and find out what it’s all about.

What is Natural Magick?

Natural magick is a form of spiritual practice that revolves around the belief that everything in nature has a spiritual essence. Practitioners of natural magick believe that this essence can be tapped into to create change in the world.

They work with the natural world, including herbs, crystals, and other elements, to create spells and rituals that can help to bring about the desired outcome.

How Does Natural Magick Work?

Natural magick is based on the idea that everything in nature has a spiritual essence or energy. By working with these energies, practitioners can bring about change in their own lives or in the world around them.

This can be done through the use of spells, rituals, or meditation. For example, someone who is looking for love may create a spell using rose petals and candlelight to draw love into their life.

How to Get Started With Natural Magick?

For those who are interested in exploring this ancient art, here are the ways to get started with natural magick.

Connect with Nature

Spend time in nature, whether it’s a walk in the park, a hike through the woods, or sitting outside and observing the world around you. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature and to connect with it on a spiritual level. The more you connect with nature, the more powerful your natural magick will be.

Learn the Basics of Correspondence

Correspondences are the connections between different objects, symbols, and energies in the natural world. When you understand correspondences, you can use them to create powerful magickal spells and rituals. Start by learning the correspondences of basic elements like earth, air, fire, and water, as well as the correspondences of the planets, the zodiac signs, and various herbs and crystals.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool for developing your spiritual connection and enhancing your natural magick. Start with simple guided meditations to help you connect with nature and to ground yourself. As you become more comfortable with meditation, you can start exploring magick with more advanced techniques, such as visualization and energy work.

Work with Herbs

Herbs are powerful tools for natural magick, whether you’re using them in spells, creating teas or tinctures, or using them to enhance the energy in your home or workspace. Start by learning the correspondences of common herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, and chamomile, and experiment with using them in your magickal practice.

Create Altars

Altars are sacred spaces that you can create in your home or workspace to honor the natural world and connect with your spiritual energy. Start by choosing a theme for your altar, such as a particular element, deity, or season, and gather items that correspond to that theme. Arrange the items on a table or shelf, creating a space that feels sacred and powerful.

Learn from Others

To get started with natural magick, it is important to learn from others, especially in the context of Wicca. This ancient spiritual practice emphasizes the importance of connection with nature and harnessing its energies to manifest our desires.

Learning from experienced practitioners and elders can provide valuable guidance and insight into the beliefs, rituals, and traditions of Wicca. Through this exchange, we can deepen our understanding of the elements, the cycles of the earth, and the role of magick in our lives.

Simple Spells to Get You Started

These spells are easy to perform and need minimal ingredients, making them perfect for those just starting their journey into witchcraft. Here are some easy spells to get you started on your natural magick journey.

Protection Spell

Using sage or palo santo, cleanse your home or space while visualizing a white or protective aura around you and your home. You can also recite a simple incantation such as “I am protected, I am safe, all negativity is kept at bay.”

Love Spell

Place a rose quartz crystal under your pillow or carry it with you to attract love and positive energy into your life. Focus on your intention and visualize love coming into your life. Blow out the candle and carry the paper with you to keep the spell active.

Health spell

Create a healing bath by adding sea salt, lavender essential oil, and chamomile flowers to your bathwater. Visualize the water washing away any negative energy and healing your body.

Common Tools Used in Natural Magick

Natural magick utilizes tools that are derived from nature. Some of the most common tools used in natural magick are found in your backyard or can be sourced easily. Let’s take a look at essential tools in natural magick and how they can help in your magickal practice.


They are revered for their energy manifold, for example, clear quartz generates positivity while amethyst aids in calming and reducing anxiety. When practicing natural magick, crystals are typically used as energy sources, for enhancing clarity and for their ability to attract prosperity and abundance.


Similar to crystals, candles are an essential need in natural magick. In their simplest form, they serve as a source of light during any ritual, representing spiritual enlightenment.

Depending on the color of the candle used it can signify emotion as well as represent different elements of Earth. For example, green candles represent growth and prosperity.


The fragrant smoke of incense serves as a tool used to cleanse the air before performing a natural magick ritual. Each type of incense represents a different kind of energy or element. Sandalwood incense represents peace, harmony, and purification, while patchouli incense is used to heighten psychic powers.


Water is an important element of nature and is believed to be an embodiment of purification power. An important tool in natural magick, water can be used in your rituals to provide a deeper cleansing of spaces as well as help to bring forth emotional harmony.


Known for their healing properties and holistic benefits, herbs are accepted in nature magick. Each herb possesses its unique energy, and when burned or muddled, its energies are harnessed for specific purposes. Herbs such as chamomile are often used to attract love, while rosemary is used for purification.

Glass Bowls

Glass bowls are used in natural magick for creating sacred salt. Salt is believed to provide protection and cleanse spaces. By creating sacred salt, you can use it to cleanse your space of negative energy.


Bells are used as a tool for the release of negativity. When rung, their vibrations purify negative energy from spaces or people. In natural magick, it’s important to ensure your space is cleansed before performing a ritual.

Ethics in Natural Magick

Like every other spiritual journey, natural magick is accompanied by ethics. Delve deep into the ethics of natural magick and learn about the do’s and don’ts of the practice.

Respect for the Earth

Natural magick involves working with the earth, and thus it involves respecting the environment. Practitioners must adhere to environmentally friendly measures and should buy ingredients from ethical sources.

The use of endangered species of plants and animals must be avoided at any cost. It is important to ensure that the plants and herbs used in the practice have been harvested and have not been taken from areas that do not permit it.

Respect for Free Will

Natural magick is a practice of persuasion, not coercion. Practitioners must never use magick to control the will of others.

It means that they should not use natural magick to alter someone’s behavior against their will or to gain a personal advantage. Instead, a practitioner should focus on their own growth and transformation, without harming the free will of others.

Respect for Non-Humans

Natural magick involves working with creatures and spirits that are not human. They have their own lives and should be treated with respect. It means that a practitioner must not enslave spirits or undersell their value.

They should communicate with these individuals in an appropriate manner. Natural magick practitioners should not summon spirits unless they are prepared to handle them and should not undertake more than they can handle.


Natural magick practitioner should always be honest in their practice. They should not pretend to have the power that they don’t possess, and they should not make false claims that can harm others.

A practitioner should be transparent with their clients about their abilities and limitations. It means that a practitioner should not guarantee results unless they are confident in their skills.


Natural magick is a responsibility that should not be abused. A practitioner should use their knowledge and skills for the greater good and avoid harming others.

They should take ownership of their actions and should be accountable for any negative outcomes. A practitioner should understand that their actions can have consequences and, so, should be responsible for using natural magick in a way that aligns with the ethics of the practice.

Exploring the Spiritual and Healing Aspects of Natural Magick

This practice has been passed down through generations and is still used today for an array of spiritual and healing purposes. Let’s examine the spiritual and healing aspects of natural magick.

Spiritual Benefits of Natural Magick

The practice can help create a positive mindset, promote self-awareness, and help you connect with your spirituality. When you perform natural magick, you can tap into the energy around you and use it to align yourself with the universe.

The practice can help you improve your intuition and psychic abilities, allowing you to connect with yourself and with others. Natural magick can be used for a range of spiritual purposes like meditation, divination, and spell-work.

Physical Healing Benefits of Natural Magick

Practitioners use the power of natural elements like crystals, herbs, and essential oils, to heal the body naturally. For instance, essential oils are used to treat everything from stress to chronic pain.

Crystals are believed to contain mystical properties that can help promote balance and vitality within the body. Natural magick also promotes mental and emotional balance, helping to mitigate stress and anxiety that can cause physical harm.

Emotional Healing Benefits of Natural Magick

The practice helps create an emotional balance by working with the cosmic forces of energy and using natural elements to calm the mind. For instance, lavender is known to have calming properties that aid in alleviating anxiety and promote peaceful sleep.

Rose quartz is used for promoting self-love and compassion, while clear quartz aids in promoting mental clarity and focus. By using natural magick, people can cope with emotional issues more effectively and find a nurturing space that promotes emotional healing.

Social Benefits of Natural Magick

Natural magick doesn’t only benefit the individual using it, but it also promotes a positive and supportive community. Witches and other nature-based groups often come together to celebrate and explore their spirituality.

This helps build a supportive group of like-minded individuals who can share their knowledge, love, and support. These communities can be found online or in person, and they offer resources like herbal studies, magickal workshops, and lessons in tarot reading.

Environmental Benefits of Natural Magick

Practicing natural magick goes beyond the spiritual and healing aspects. It also promotes a love for the environment and encourages the conservation of natural resources.

By using natural remedies like herbs and essential oils, people can move away from harmful and synthetic substances that harm the environment. The practice also encourages a deeper appreciation for the natural world and its wonders, leading to a greater desire to protect it.

Harness Natural Magick for Empowerment and Transformation

Natural magick is an ancient practice that connects us with the natural world and harnesses its energy for positive influence in our lives. By understanding the basic magickal principles and techniques, we can tap into the powerful forces of nature and manifest our intentions.

Embrace the wonders of the natural world and see the transformative effects it can have on your life. Are you ready to unlock the potential of natural magick and tap into the magic within? Let’s embark on this journey together!

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