Is Buying a Car Better Than Leasing – What to Consider

Buying a Car Better Than Leasing – When someone is out in the market to search for their next ride, there are many factors to consider. For example, do they want a brand new or used car, hybrid or electric, sedan or SUV? However, the most vital one is, do they buy or lease a car?

Whether someone decides to buy or lease a car, there are pros and cons they will encounter. Besides, Buying or Leasing a Car can be a perfect choice for one person but not favorable to the other. Therefore, before individuals take out a car loan to get their next ride, here are some of the things to consider;

What to Consider when Buying or Leasing a Car:

Monthly payments

Both the buying or leasing a car options come with monthly payments. When someone chooses to buy a car, they will be paying the car loan monthly payment, and when they lease, there are monthly lease payments. Usually, the leasing payments are lower because a person won’t be paying the entire car price.

Therefore, leasing is the best option if an individual wants to get the lowest monthly payment for a car. However, when one leases, they won’t end up owning the vehicle. Therefore, they will keep leasing which leads to more leasing payments. On the other hand, when one buys a car, their monthly payment will lead to ownership after the auto loan term ends.

Use of the Car and Mileage Coverage

When a person leases a car, there will be a mileage restriction. Mainly, most lenders give 1,000 miles per month. If one exceeds this amount, they are charged an extra cost that can be high.

Therefore, one needs to approximate the miles they will be driving to see if it exceeds the expected. If they know that their work requires long-distance travel, buying a car can be the best choice. This is because they will own it, and therefore no one will question them about the mileage.


If a person wants to drive the newest models in the industry, leasing fits them. Leasing allows one to change a car within two to three years. However, they may incur penalties if they want to change their car before the leasing period. They may even be required to cover the remaining leasing cost plus other additional fees.

However, if a person doesn’t mind staying with the same vehicle for eight years, buying suits them. Besides, when they own a car, they have the right to get rid of it anytime. For example, when they cannot afford their car loan, they can sell it to cover the loan or any other need that may arise.

Total cost

The overall cost of buying or leasing a car depends on the down payments, repairs, depreciation, and extra fees. One may incur lower down payments when leasing than when purchasing. However, the first installment and downpayment for leasing can be hefty. On the other hand, when someone takes a car loan to buy a car, they can get favorable interest if they have a good credit score. 

When someone uses their car for long-distance travel or the roads are not good, their vehicle will be prone to wear and tear. If it is a brand new car, a warranty will cover the maintenance cost. However, if it is used, the person renting may have to pay for repair and maintenance. They may also be required to replace scratched windows or other worn-out parts.

When one owns the car, they will be taking care of any repairs after the warranty period. Besides, the older the vehicle gets, the more maintenance and repair it needs. However, after repaying the loan, one can use the cash they spend on monthly payments to cover the maintenance cost.

The more miles a vehicle drives, the faster it will depreciate. As a result, lease cars come with mileage limits, usually 12,000 miles per year. Therefore, the person leasing should stick to this limit, or else they pay for extra miles covered.

Finally, leasing agreements have extra costs such as security deposit, acquisition fee, and early termination fee.


The question of whether to buy or lease a car has no universal answer. It depends on the individual searching for their next ride. Therefore, one needs to consider several things before taking an auto car loan or leasing. They need to weigh how much they want to spend per month on a vehicle or the overall cost. Besides, it is essential to consider how they want to use the car and the miles they want to cover per month or year. With such considerations, one can make the best decision that suits their needs.

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