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How to Record Zoom Meetings & Webinars

Zoom Meetings – Zoom provides an excellent option for capturing online videos, such as those from meetings, webinars, or other events. You can record an event if you are the event host or have been given recording privileges by an event host. Clicking the Record button in the Zoom control bar will begin the recording process.

If you wish to record Zoom meetings without the host’s permission, then using some free recording software or apps is your best option. Let’s see how to record  zoom meeting.

Zoom recording without permission:

Even though Zoom can record meetings, it is impossible to record a meeting if neither the host nor the participants have permitted it to be recorded. It is possible to record without permission using separate recording tools.

For Windows users, various screen recording applications are available for free and for purchase. Install a recording app suitable for your device and press the record button to start recording.

You may need to record a Zoom meeting without the host’s permission for various reasons, depending on your goal. If you are a journalist investigating a problem, you might need to record the meeting to gather evidence. If you are a student, there is a possibility that you will have to review a lecture at a later time. It doesn’t matter what your purpose for doing so is; there is a way to do it as long as you are not breaking any laws.

Zoom recording with a Screen recorder:

You won’t be able to record Zoom meetings if you’re using a third-party app to record Zoom meetings. Zoom won’t be able to detect screen recordings from third-party apps. When you start or stop recording on Zoom, participants will receive a notification that you have started or stopped recording when you use Zoom’s in-built feature for recording.

In addition to third-party screen recorders, your device may have a screen recording feature that allows you to record Zoom. If you do not have recording permission and are not the host, you must take advantage of one of these options for recording on Zoom.

What makes the iTop screen recorder the best option?

In addition to its many benefits, the iTop screen recorder also offers several features that make it a great choice for users. With this free screen recorder, you can capture your screen in a very flexible manner, and it is extremely easy to use. Screen recorder iTop records Webcam/Facecam and can be an excellent screen recorder Windows 10. In addition, there are the following features:

  • Enhances the ability to capture screenshots
  • The software supports multiple output formats.
  • Provides subtitles, stickers, and images for the video
  • The feature of Quick Video Sharing is included


For countless reasons, the ability to record a Zoom meeting without the host’s permission is a very useful feature. It is good to know that so many screen recorders are available for free that can be used on PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Choosing an iTop screen recorder is a cost-effective method if you want to ensure that you record all your Zoom meetings live without spending a single cent.


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