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How to Efficiently Clean Your Home (In About 3 Hours or Less)or Less?

Are you concerned about the mess created by the dust and clutter in your home? Thinking about removing it but are also concerned about the time it would take? Don’t worry!

This blog will explain how to do it efficiently within 3 hours or even less.

Absolutely, you read that right! Within 3 hours or less. 

All you have to do is plan your schedule for cleaning, set priorities, use the right tools, and avoid some common mistakes that could waste your time and energy.

Get ready to discover some efficient techniques to clean your home within 3 hours or less in this post.

What Items You Should Have Before You Start Cleaning?

Before you start cleaning, you must have a number of products that would help you get the job done correctly. This list includes;

  • Vacuum Cleaner: To make your floor and rug liberated from soil, residue, and pet hairs.
  • Microfibre Cloth: Supportive in easily eliminating residue and soil from wooden or glass surfaces while staying away from scratches like on windows, mirrors, entryways, and so on
  • Spray Bottle: To apply water, vinegar, and other such products on sinks, countertops, tiles, showers, etc.
  • Bucket: To take water and other cleaning products from one place to another altogether.
  • Mop: To remove stains from hard floor surfaces like vinyl, wooden, or tile. It is also a healthy practice to make your cleaning process quite easier while leaving your floor shiny.
  • Sponge: To wash dishes, pots, or utensils, as well as eliminate weighty soil or oil stains from the kitchen and restroom leaving microorganism-free places behind.
  • Broom and Dustpan: If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, a broom and dustpan would be an extraordinary choice to help you gather and clear out soil and residue from your home.
  • Toilet Brush & Plunger: These are useful in making toilets functional and clean by making it simpler to eliminate stains, scents, and blockages.
  • Trash Bag: This is used to collect and dispose of garbage and other unnecessary things from your home.

Tips to Productively Clean Your Home In no less than 3 Hours or Less

After having everything by your side, you are prepared to begin your cleaning process immediately. Here are the steps you should follow to accomplish a spotless and efficient home within no time:

Stage 1: Clean up and Arrange Your Home

The absolute initial phase in cleaning your house is to clean up and arrange the things inside your home. To do this, divide your things into four groups: keep, give, sell, and garbage.

  • Keep the things that you really want, use, or love and spot them at their assigned spot.
  • Give the ones that you don’t require any longer, however are in great shape and could be valuable for any other person.
  • Sell the ones that are not any more significant and make additional money by selling them on the web.
  • Rubbish the things that are broken, harmed, or expired; or recycle them.

You should follow the 15-minute rule (spent 15 minutes daily); or the one-in-one-out rule (for each new thing you get, dispose of one thing you have now) on cleaning up and arranging your home.

Step 2: Clean Your Home from Top to Bottom and from Left to Right

The next step is to clean your home; beginning from the most noteworthy and farthest spot, like the roof, fan, window, and dropping down towards the entryway and floor.

Cleaning your home in a sequence from top to bottom and left to right will assist you with abstaining from missing any spots and making a consistent stream in your task, saving you time and energy.

To do this, you need to have particular apparatuses for each space, for example,

  • For the roof, fan, and windows, you want to utilize a brush and dustpan to clear the residue off and clear off windows utilizing water, vinegar, or some other chemical.
  • For walls, racks, and furniture, utilizing a vacuum cleaner would be smarter to vacuum dust from them all.
  • For ledges, sinks, tiles, and showers, utilize a spray bottle, sponge, and a microfibre material to remove them and afterward wash them with water.
  • For the toilet, you would require a toilet brush and an unclogger to brush and sanitize it.
  • For floors, utilize a vacuum or brush to clear and wipe the floor, and a dustpan to throw the trash.

Step 3: Add Some Finishing Touches to Your Home

It is the final, yet most effective part that could greatly enhance the appeal of your home. It could make it pleasant and relaxing, creating a welcoming atmosphere for yourself and your guests.

You can do it by;

  • Arranging pillows, blankets, and cushions on your sofa, bed and chair.
  • Folding your clothes, towels, or other laundry.
  • Lighting up some candles.
  • Placing fresh flowers, plants, and fruits.

Why is Productive Cleaning of Your Home Crucial?

Productive cleaning isn’t simply a question of comfort, but also of health and wellness. You will enjoy these benefits of cleaning your home efficiently;

  • Reduces the amount of allergens and microorganisms that could prompt respiratory issues, sensitivities, or diseases.
  • Make it more soothing and inviting by working on its appearance.
  • Reduce the anxiety of finding things, by having all the items organized.
  • Feel more productive for having a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

To Sum Up

Cleaning your home is not a difficult or unaccomplished task, as long as you have a proper plan, the right tools, and the knowledge to do it properly.

If you follow all the suggestions we shared with you in the above post, you could easily achieve the target of cleaning your entire home within 3 hours or less.

If you need professional help cleaning your home, you may get in touch with us at Perfect Clean. We have a group of effective and prepared cleaners, prepared to help you with any cleaning task, large or small, in a proficient way.

Need any help? Feel free to ask. Our team will always be there to resolve your queries and help you with any cleaning task.


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