Finding Great Dark Horse NFL Teams and Choosing Your Bets on Them Wisely

Dark Horse NFL Teams – There are a few things that are a given in the NFL, such as any team with Tom Brady automatically being a potential Super Bowl contender. As a result, there are always those shocking and fun underdog stories that shake up the betting world, such as the 7-6 Cincinnati Bengals making the 2022 Super Bowl. How do you bet on these Dark Horse NFL Teams, and what teams are likely to overachieve this year? Let’s take a look at this topic to learn more.

Many Teams Are Predicted to Do Better Than Expected:

Every year, NFL experts pick several teams that they think will overachieve in the coming season. The same is true of the 2022 season, and some of these picks have already shown promise. For example, Tua Tagovailoa in Miami has made huge strides in the pre-season under new head coach Mike McDaniel and is 3-0 after three weeks, beating the unstoppable Bills in a nail-biter.

Other predictions haven’t quite come true as expected. For example, the New Orleans Saints were predicted to be a low-key stunner, and they’ve heavily struggled. Quarterback Jameis Winston, who had gotten his interception problem under control a bit more last year, has not shown the flashes of genius that make him such a compelling potential franchise quarterback.

Furthermore, teams that were expected to be terrible are surprising to many people. For example, the Lions (long a punch line in the league) have been putting in some great games. While they’re just 1-2 after the first three weeks, they have been competitive in every game and could just be a few tweaks away from surprising many people, particularly the betting community.

How to Bet on Dark Horse NFL Teams:

If you bet on dark horse teams to win games that they’re not likely to win, you might be throwing your money into the betting pit, never to return. That’s because dark horse teams aren’t always likely to win games, particularly when the other team is much better than them. Instead, you need to bet against the point spread, which means betting that the team will score more points than expected.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you had bet on a team with a 21-point spread to lose by just a touchdown. That’s a high-risk bet that is more likely than that team winning. As a result, you’re more likely to get money back from the bet if it lands. While betting on them to win would win you more money, the chance of that happening is much lower and is usually not advised unless you really know football well.

That said, betting on an occasional dark horse to win is not a bad idea because these wins can be much higher-paying than beating the spread. That’s because there’s an inherently higher risk in betting on a team likely to lose. As a result, it isn’t a bad idea to spread around some betting money on a few teams that you think are likely to eke out a surprise win and earn you a nice paycheck in the process.

Making Smart Choices With Your Money:

The nice thing about betting on dark horse teams is that you can often find great spreads that benefit you and give you a better chance of winning. That said, as the betting world catches wind of these overachieving teams, they may start offering less beneficial bets. So, make sure to check out NFL picks and predictions to stay on top of what the betting world has to say about these plucky teams.


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