Top 6 Reasons Why Every Ecommerce Store/App Needs Super Live Chat


E-commerce has magnificently prospered in the last decade as it offers the conduction of commercial transaction services through electronic media. In today’s competitive and convenient-minded society, consumers no longer want to go out on the boulevard to buy goods, instead, they want to shop from their own homes, which makes e-commerce a flexible solution for both buyers and businesses as well.

For using e-commerce, it is necessary that the customers should be trained according to it. In this regard, e-learning education helps them in teaching the basics of using e-commerce websites for online buying and purchases. Essays like The Age of E-Learning can help people in educating the basics of e-learning which ultimately helps users to make online purchases (BAW, 2022)

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Now, talking about e-commerce live chat. It is basically a pop-up or small window on an e-commerce website that allows businesses to start over even with the fewest customer questions. This is an important part of the e-commerce customer experience and helps online shoppers feel confident in their purchases (Tan, et al., 2016).

The customer support team monitors your live chat software to make sure that you won’t miss any questions, concerns, or even complaints from customers. This is a great way to completely change customers’ shopping experience.

Now, Let’s discuss some of the benefits of live chat in an e-commerce store/app.

Benefits of having Super Live chat in the E-commerce store/app:

1. Providing customers with instant services for buying

The customers made purchase decisions in seconds. And a quick response from your live chat means the difference between a sale and a loss.  In a traditional physical store, if a customer asks a question about a product, they may send a sales representative to address their concerns (Tan, et al., 2016).

But with live chat, you can recreate the exact same experience as an online shopper.  Otherwise, it can be costly. According to research, 57% of customers give up buying if they can’t answer the question right away.

Simply put, it’s easier for most customers to switch to another store that offers similar services than to wait for a call or email. With Live Chat, you can provide instant service to stay there and keep your sales high.

2. Providing humanization service to customers

The friendly chat box not only has a phone number and email address that customers can call but also provides immediate response from customer support people which feels like a great shopping experience.  Plus, Live Chat can be programmed to respond to a friendly “How can I help?” A query that mimics the experience of a traditional store.

3. Serving multiple customers at the same time

Looking at something like phone support, agents can only handle one customer’s problem at a time. However, live chat allows an agent to talk to multiple customers at the same time. The Live Chat outlines each request and allows you to determine the order in which you will work on them (Tan, et al., 2016).

In either case, the customer will not be in line but will receive a quick answer to the question. It’s a big pitfall that live chat can help you avoid, as 12% of customers leave the site because of a lack of response from a site.

4. Allows businesses to save time with automation

As it is already discussed that how live chat can help save time for customers and agents. This goes one step further, as most of Shopify’s best live chat apps have powerful automation capabilities. Most of these tools have the following features:

  • Sending of an automatic welcome message
  • Help them in finding order tracking information for themselves
  • Reply with 2 clicks using a custom quick reply template
  • Set up automated rules to process queries when certain conditions are met

The majority of queries are iterative in nature which includes items related to order status, payments, returns, etc. However, Autopilot can handle most automation features that come with most live chats. Deliver instant solutions to your customers, freeing your team to focus on complex tasks that require more attention (Tan, et al., 2016).

5. Helps you measure your team’s performance

To improve the quality of your e-commerce support, you first need to understand how good you are today.  Most live chat apps include reports and analytics to help you track your team’s performance and provide data such as:

  • Rate of dissolution
  • First Response Times
  • Average processing time
  • Performance of Individual agent
  • The score of Customer satisfaction

This allows you to set a benchmark for support performance. Then, while working on areas of improvement, double your area of ​​expertise and follow up.

6. Helps you in keeping customer communications on brand

Embedding live chat directly into your e-commerce site means that your customer support experience is seamless. Other forms of service require the customer to call or email the company from another contact page. This allows you to draw customers from a discreet customer experience designed through your website.

Live chat is written communication, so it keeps the conversation started by the website without changing the customer’s mindset. Live chat agents can be instructed to reply in the same voice as the rest of the site.


E-Commerce Store Live Chat is an effective and economical way to improve your customer experience, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and ultimately increase your sales.

This is arguably the best platform to start conversations with online buyers and build trust. And those relationships ultimately determine the success of your e-commerce store.



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