Distance Education Changed My Life Forever

Distance Learning is the future. The rise of online education has made it easy for people to get a degree without having to leave the comfort of their homes. The question is: Is this adventurous for you? Does it really go to help you in the future? Well before knowing the answer to these questions, it is important to understand what distance learning is and how it can change your life forever.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance education is considered a way of pursuing higher education without physically visiting a college or enrolling in classes. Before the rise in internet usage and technical advances, materials for distance learning courses were sent via mail.

Today, however, they are available on your screen through a range of options, such as email, multi-media educational resources, communication processes, and video conferencing tools. It is a great way to learn about a new subject or industry. It allows students to study independently, at their own pace and schedule.

How Distance Education Can Change Your Life:

Things become challenging when the coronavirus forced schools and colleges to close and mandate distance learning for the rest of the academic year. All of a sudden, a new system of education had to be learned by parents, students, and instructors.

It is often heard that distance education is not for everyone. But why? Well, it is not for everyone because every student is different from other, students who lack in doing things on their own or those who need guidance or approval before doing anything makes it difficult for them to study in distance class which leads them to failure.

However, with the change in the learning system, many students are now comfortable with distance classes. They have learned how to take advantage of distance education and tackle the issues. Some of the general benefits and drawbacks that distance learning causes are stated below.

Benefits of Distance Education.

Each student who opts for distance education is a winner. The benefits of distance education are numerous. They include the following:

1.       Self-inspiration

Due to the lack of a traditional instructor to provide you with guidance, distance learning motivates you to push yourself to study. To encourage yourself to study for your self-development, you will need to establish an educational environment and properly manage it. By using remote learning techniques, you may develop this band inside you.

2.      Can Communicate With Other Academic Institutes

You may also get in touch with several other online institutions by utilizing technology for communication for distance learning. You may connect with students who are located far away from you, anywhere in the globe, to exchange experiences and challenges and work together to find solutions.

By engaging with people from various work contexts and cultural backgrounds, distant learning via video conferencing also gives you the chance to improve your interpersonal skills. Such amenities are not offered in the conventional classroom-based educational system (PTTMCO, 2022).

3.      Can Easily Access Experts

The possibilities available to students in traditional classrooms are restricted, but distance learning through video conferencing will provide you more access to domain experts, regardless if they are not in your city or country. They can simply connect with you and share their ideas and expertise with you from anywhere in the world. In conventional classrooms, such a facility is not accessible.

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4.      Learn & Earn!

Distance learning may be the greatest alternative for those who wish to enhance their resumes by pursuing higher education while maintaining their current employment. Since remote learning allows for both learning and earning, you may continue to support yourself while still advancing your education.

5.      It Saves Time & Money

You can save time and money by enrolling in a distance learning course rather than traveling to a neighboring educational facility. You may use distance learning to access your education center online at no additional charge. Additionally, courses offered by remote learning institutions are less expensive than those offered by conventional educational institutions.

6.      Can Avail Online Educational Resources  

Distance education allows you to take help from online educational resources to increase your knowledge. For instance:

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Drawbacks of Distance Education.

With the numerous range of advantages of distance education, there are some drawbacks as well which are discussed below,

1.       Time-Consuming

The main disadvantage of distance education is that it takes a lot of time to complete a course of study. It is not only about the amount of time spent on the course itself, but also on the preparation that you need to do before the actual classes begin.

2.      Can Be Expensive For Some 

Distance learning can be expensive in some cases because you have to pay for it yourself and there are no scholarships or grants available for students who are in need.

3.      Information Overloaded

Distance Education may lead to information overload; when there are too many things happening all at once, it overwhelms your mind and makes you confused about what is happening right now or what will happen next.

4.      Lack of Communication

Students cannot interact with their classmates easily as they are far away from each other which leads to a lack of student-teacher communication which is an important ingredient in the learning process. It deprives students of understanding the teaching methods and also hinders them from getting an opportunity to interact with their teachers live.

5.      No Guidance

Students cannot get enough guidance from their teachers because they have to rely on their resources which can be unreliable sometimes and ineffective sometimes (de Oliveira, Penedo, and Pereira, 2018).

Final Words

Distance education is not for everyone, it is still a practical choice with almost unlimited alternatives for students all over the world. Each student must evaluate his circumstances and make decisions based on their needs and aspirations. However, those who are comfortable with distance education will surely relate their selves to the advantages and the impact of distance education in changing their lives for the betterment that are discussed in this guide.


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