Do Data Rooms Come In Different Sizes?

Do Data Rooms Come In Different Sizes?

Data rooms are secure spaces used to store and share confidential documents. These spaces facilitate M&A deals, IPOs, due diligence, and the secure sharing of sensitive information in business settings. The size of these rooms varies depending on the users’ needs and the nature of the project. Here is more information about the factors influencing a deal room’s size:

Pricing and Plans

Virtual data room (VDR) providers offer different pricing models, such as express, pro, and enterprise. These models come with varying features and storage capacities. VDR pricing is based on the amount of data storage, the number of users, and the length of the subscription period. Express packages may include basic features at a lower price point, such as limited users and document capacity.

This plan is suitable for smaller-scale projects. Pro and enterprise packages have more advanced security measures, unlimited users and documents, and customizable permissions. They may also have additional IT support services that suit larger-scale and data management needs.

User Base and Access Levels

VDRs give authorized users secure access to collaborative documents. Projects with higher user counts and broader permissions may require a larger data room. If each user requires different access controls, you may need additional storage for individual permissions and audit logs. VDRs employ digital rights management, which is a computer-based solution that restricts the use of proprietary data.

It gives access to only specific users within an organization that can see content related to their job or role. A small team with limited access needs can use a smaller VDR than a larger team with multiple access levels. The amount of user activity within the VDR can also affect storage requirements.

Projects with frequent uploads and downloads of documents or heavy collaboration between users may require more storage space to accommodate increased data usage.


If you anticipate future company growth and VDR needs, select a deal room plan like an enterprise package that offers more storage space and user capacity. This gives organizations room for future growth, preventing the need for frequent, costly upgrades. Companies with short-term projects may only need a basic package.

These packages feature customized dynamic watermarks and preconfigured document protection to elevate the professionalism of a business deal. They also allow deal room admin to add or remove users as needed, making it easier to manage access and control user activity.

Finding a VDR provider that allows customers to scale their storage needs up or down at any time allows you to adjust your resources based on current needs.

Project Nature and Duration

Complex transactions often involve many documents and intricate access protocols, requiring greater VDR storage capacity. Collaborative projects involving multiple teams may have a more extended timeline due to coordination and communication efforts. These factors impact the project’s storage needs, as the sensitive information must be retained for longer periods.

Extensive projects would benefit from a VDR with a higher storage space. A smaller, short-term project with fewer users can use a room with limited storage and user capacity. Carefully assess a project’s complexity and expected duration before determining your storage requirements.

Compliance and Security Requirements

Specific industries like healthcare and finance might have data retention and security regulations impacting their VDR storage needs. A deal room that meets strict compliance standards offers secure storage, access, and sharing of sensitive information.

Data encryption, permission controls, and audit logs are examples of security features that confirm compliance with industry regulations. High-security VDR rooms come in many sizes to support the expanding needs of these industries.

Features and Functionality

The range of features and functionalities offered by a VDR, such as collaborative tools and analytics capabilities, can influence the size of the platform. A virtual deal room with advanced features like document version control and audit trail tracking may require more storage space to support these functionalities.

A basic VDR with limited features may have lower storage space. Evaluate the features and functionality required for your project to help you determine the most appropriate size and type of deal room for your needs.

Explore Data Room Sizes

A properly sized virtual deal room can enhance your business’s efficiency, reduce costs, and prevent future upgrade needs. Evaluate your project’s scope and data volume to help you determine the right VDR size. Consult with a deal room provider and discuss your project’s specific needs to find a room with features that will streamline your deal. Contact a VDR provider today to explore available VDR features and storage capacities.


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