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Cowboy Hats for Men: The Different Parts of the Cowboy Hats and How to Store Them Properly

Cowboy Hats for Men: Hats are one of the most desired fashion accessories in the world. They are the primary tool that will help you make your outfits complete. The hats will serve as the primary focus of your fashion statement, helping you stand apart from the crowd.

Speaking of hats, you should know that a few other hats can close to the effectiveness, appearance, durability, and protection factor of the western cowboy hats. The western hats are available in the market for over a century and there’s no sign of breaking the popularity.

The cowboy hats will not only help you make your outfit look marvelous and eye-catching, but also enhance your personality and confidence.

However, you cannot purchase the perfect cowboy hats if you don’t know their details. Many people don’t even know how to clean or store their hats and they end up damaging their precious investment. If you want to look great with the hats while also maintaining their condition, make sure you read the article to the end.

What Are the Different Parts of Cowboy Hats for Men?

The cowboy hats feature three different parts. The brim, crease, and crown. These parts play an important role in the appearance of the hats. Therefore, you need to know about the different parts of the hats.

  • The Crown: The crown is known as the top of the hat. The cowboy features a crown of different sizes. The crown of the hats will determine the perfect fitting of the hat.
  • The Crease: The crease is known as the shape of the crown. The crease is known as the shape of the crown. Make sure you pay close attention to the crease as it will determine the flexibility of wearing or removing the hats.
  • The Brim: This is one of the most important parts of the cowboy hat. The brim will determine the sun and outdoor element protection. Therefore, you need to consider your purpose to choose the perfect brim size. If you want superior protection from the sunlight and UV rays, you need to choose wide-brimmed cowboy hats. They are extremely effective at protecting your shoulders, eyes, and skin from UV rays. As per Frames Direct, eyewear can protect your eyes from UV rays.

How Can You Store and Care for the Cowboy Hats?

The method you choose to care for and store your cowboy hats will determine their lifespan. Therefore, if you want to use your cowboy hat for a long time, you need to take care of them properly. Additionally, you also need to take precautions while storing them as improper storage will cause damage to their structure.

Proper Removal of the Cowboy Hats:

If you have brimmed cowboy hats, you need to remove the hats holding the crease or brim. Make sure you don’t hold the crown while removing the hats as this part sits over your head. Even if you see the process in movies, removing the hats while holding the brim will cause structural damage. Additionally, holding the front of the crown will also transfer oil, stain, and dust from your fingers to the hat.

Proper Short Term Storage Process of the Cowboy Hats:

If you’re removing the cowboy hats for a couple of hours, you don’t need to pay close attention to the storage options like you would while storing the hats for a couple of months. The short-term storage process of the hats is different than the long-term storage.

If you happen to have a coat rack, you can hang the cowboy hat from it. However, make sure you hang the hat as far up as possible. This way you can avoid any unfortunate problems when other people consider hanging their coats.

If the coat rack is mounted on the wall, you need to hang your hat as far as possible from the other coats. If you find no vacant place on the coat racks, you need to consider other storage options. You should never hang your cowboy hats from the lampshade.

Unless your cowboy hat features a short brim, make sure you lay it down on the surface, facing the crown upwards. This way you can prevent the brim from flattening while it’s not over your head.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling by flight and don’t notice any appropriate place to store your cowboy hats, consider asking the flight attendants to store your hat in a safe place. Make sure you don’t store the hats in the overhead luggage compartment.

Proper Long Term Storage Process of the Cowboy Hats:

If you’re planning to store your cowboy hats for a long time, you need to invest in a hat cone or mannequin head so that you can retain their shape without any problem. Make sure you cover your cowboy hats so that you can prevent dust and debris from accumulating on their surface.


These are some key points you need to know to take proper care of your cowboy hats. Make sure you follow these effective storage tips to extend the longevity of your cowboy hats.


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