Top Jobs for MS in Business Analytics Graduates in the US

The United States is one of my favorite countries for postgraduate study, with a particular focus on its popular fields, such as business analytics. The United States is a world leader in higher education in business analytics, as over 210 universities with high regard teach this subject.

Nowadays, a company has to make the right decisions that help it survive in this competitive business world. This can only be possible by collecting relevant information and analyzing the various aspects of running an enterprise. Companies highly depend on managers in business analytics to process and analyze data and steer decision-making procedures. Being in high global demand, business analytics career prospects are limitless and very lucrative.

Obtaining a masters in business analytics in the USA helps one access the best STEM programs, post-study work visas of 3 years, equal opportunity for research, and above-average job market demand. This article aims to shed light on some of the highest-paying career paths in business analytics and how getting a Master’s degree within this area, pursued in the United States, can significantly raise one’s professional feed.

Business Analytics: An Overview

Business analytics uses data and statistical approaches to formulate ideas to guide one into making informed decisions regarding any issue affecting a firm. All businesses capture data, which can be revenue figures, consumer input, website traffic, and so on.

But business analytics takes that data and processes it in such a way that enough valuable results, preferably being used as information for further actions. For instance, a company can use analytics to find out what products sell better and which do not, to compare the behaviors of various customers on different occasions etc.

For the behavior and pattern detection process in data analysis, statistical models are used with the help of visualizing diagrams created using data modeling techniques to aid artificial intelligence algorithms. The aim is to convert information from intangible forms into actionable yet practical realities to guide businesses in innovative decision-making processes.

As a result, using data to aid decision-making allows these companies to streamline their workflows and refine the quality of whatever they produce or sell, ultimately contributing to revenue growth and cost-saving metrics.

Why study in the USA?

Universities in the US are reputed for international business analytics programs that provide multiple courses, a world-class curricula framework, and opportunities to broaden portfolios with strong foundational training and competent faculty members. Below are some of the reasons why a Master’s in business analytics in the USA is a great fit:

  • According to the BLS, a stretch of 16% growth for business analytics jobs is coming year.
  • More than 210 elite US colleges and universities offer business analytics programs.
  • Major players in the global market study abroad and hire them for work experience.
  • Business analytics graduates in the US get paid somewhere between ₹40 lakh and ₹67 lakh. An MBA in business analytics from the USA caters to this opportunity.

MSBA: Top careers and positions

Do you want to know what jobs are available with a degree in business analytics? Here is a list of the most common jobs that business analytics students get after graduation.

  • Data Analyst

The data analyst is a business detective, using his special abilities to uncover insights trapped in the mountains of massive datasets. They are good at using tools such as ML queries, Excel, and other statistical software packages to identify data patterns and trends, which they can then share with stakeholders. They also utilize visualizations and dashboards that allow non-technical team members to comprehend their discoveries.

  • Marketing Analyst

Marketing analysts are highly skilled in customer behavior and identifying ways to target such customers effectively. All types of tools, such as surveys, focus groups, and web analytics, are used to identify insights and formulate strategies. They can also easily partner with other teams to develop marketing campaigns, monitor how things are faring, and find ways to improve.

  • Financial Analyst

These are specialized personnel who analyze financial data and provide advice to individuals, investors, and companies. They collect and interpret data from financial reports, economic information, and market conditions. They use all this information to find the best places to invest, evaluate risks, forecast financial performance, and do all kinds of calculations.

  • CRM Analyst

Without a CRM Analyst, businesses may lose out on a hidden ally that could help them optimize customer experience and grow their company. They are the people who go through customer data with a fine tooth comb, seeing trends and insights that become outcomes that businesses can capitalize on. In cross-functional alignment, they innovate new approaches and techniques to develop business strategies that enhance customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Masters in business analytics in the USA: Best universities

Below is a list of some great universities offering a top-notch MSBA program:

1. University of Rochester

The MS Business Analytics program from the University of Rochester is a primary STEM program that has achieved a World University Ranking of 165. The reasons why international students prefer business analytics are associated with the significant undergraduate and graduate program lecturers for students as well as research opportunities at this institution.

2. University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati’s business analytics degree is among the elite degrees for the STEM background students. The University of Cincinnati MS business analytics course needs a student to have a high score for the GRE/ GMAT test to qualify to be admitted.

3. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan, a well-recognized public university in the USA, has integrated business analytics degree programs.

4. University of Minnesota

One of the most sought-after specializations that help bag the best-paying jobs is an MS in business analytics.

5. University of Texas

A course in MS business analytics is highly desired and suggested to provide high salary packages. The cost of doing business analysis from Texas University is pocket-friendly.

Bottom Line

Getting an MS in Business Analytics reflects a strategic move for those students interested in advancing into the emerging data-driven decision-making world. With this blend of technical knowledge, analytical skills, and business management aspects, this program trains the students for the modern marketplace.

Therefore, if you’re also looking to study in the USA, getting in touch with a well-reputed study abroad advisor could make your journey easier and smoother.


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