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6 Quick and Easy Steps for Organizing Your Kitchen

Signing onto social media lately means seeing those envy-worthy Organizing Your Kitchen reels. In 90 seconds, you can watch someone perfectly organize their fridge, clean their bathroom, or make the most of their kitchen cabinet space. There is something so satisfying about watching someone make their life neat and tidy.

You want your life to look that too. But, when you step into the kitchen to do the same, you quickly realize this project will take a lot more than 90 seconds. Suddenly all you can see are the plastic bags taking over the space beneath your sink, your cluttered cabinets, and that Tupperware drawer you can barely even open.

Here’s how you can have Organizing Your kitchen worthy of its own Instagram Reel.

Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed. Just because it may take a few hours doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking the time to organize your kitchen. Whether you want to make room for your new pot set, are moving into a new house, or simply are looking to get your kitchen under control, these six steps can help streamline the process.

If setting aside an afternoon is too much, do one small section at a time for a week. Nothing will beat how satisfied you feel when everything in your kitchen has a place. Here’s how you can have your kitchen organization worthy of its own Instagram Reel.

1.  Take Everything Out

First, you’ve got to understand what you’re working with, which is easier when everything is out of the cabinets and drawers. You’ll get a better sense of your space and what you actually use. If you have a small space, having everything out at once may be unreasonable. You need to be able to move around. You can start with the fridge and slowly work your way around the kitchen going through this whole list.

Just know that some things may work better in a different place than where you currently have them, so be willing to change up where you keep your pots and pans or where your pantry items live.

2.  Be Prepared to Purge

How often do you take things out of your fridge and pantry? Chances are there are a lot of spices and condiments you don’t use often. Check the expiration dates. Have a trash bag handy to toss anything spoiled. Also, purge Tupperware you lost the lid for, appliances you don’t use, and damaged cookware. Keep a list of what you may want to replace.

3.  Get in There for a Deep Clean

Use the opportunity of an empty fridge and cabinets to get in there and give your space a deep clean. Consider where you keep your cleaning supplies. Are they within reach? Think of ways you could better store your cleaning supplies. When you can access your soap and a sponge quickly, you’ll be a lot more likely to maintain a pristine kitchen.

4.  What Organization Style Works For You?

Your organizational style will depend on the design of your kitchen as well as your personal preference. Do you prefer plastic bins or wire baskets? You can choose to split pantry items by sweet and savory or alphabetize everything. Maybe you’ll set aside one space for pots and pans while your bakeware lives in a different drawer. Pinterest is your friend. Spend some time gathering inspiration. It is all about what will work best for you and your space.

5.  Invest in Some Kitchen Upgrades to Make the Most of Your Space

Now that everything is clean and you have a plan for how to want to keep things organized it’s time to purchase a few items to help you stay organized. If you wish to have an HGTV-worthy kitchen, you’ll have to invest in some bins, racks, and other storage solutions. A few plastic containers can help you arrange groceries in your fridge in minutes and keep it that way even when your family is constantly opening it up for snacks.

Think of all the cabinet space you could save in a small kitchen by adding a wire pot rack. Now your pots and pans can hang decoratively in the kitchen, and your cabinets are decluttered – making space for cleaning supplies or more dry storage.

Before ordering a bunch of storage solutions online, measure your fridge, cabinets, and pantry. This way, you’ll know that what you pick out will fit your space perfectly.

6.  Put Everything in its Place

You’ve done the hard work. Putting everything away is so much easier when you’ve taken the time to make a plan. Set up your alphabetized spice rack. Display your favorite cookbooks on your new floating shelf. Stack up your pot set on top of your freshly installed pot rack. Revel in your gorgeous and organized kitchen. Doing it yourself is 100 times more satisfying than watching someone else do it on TikTok, even if it takes a little more time.


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