5 Reasons to Get an Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf carts are very useful on the golf course because they help you move easily from one hole to the next and help you transport your equipment in the absence of a caddy. While this is how they have traditionally been used, many people have started using them for personal use, with some cities even adding special golf cart lanes beside their main motorways.

If you are in the market for a new golf cart, you will find that there are several advantages to going with an electric one over a gas-powered one.

They are Very Affordable:

The price of an electric golf cart will vary depending on the make and model, and there are lots of both expensive and affordable options to choose from. As a general rule, though, electric golf cars are typically much cheaper than gas-powered golf carts.

This is because they are not as complicated and do not have as many parts to service and maintain. Additionally, charging an electric golf cart is much cheaper – depending on where you live – than fueling a gas model. These “fuel” savings add up over time, leading to a lower cost of ownership.

They Require Less Maintenance:

Whether you buy an electric or gas golf cart, it will require continuous maintenance. However, electric golf cars require a lot less maintenance than their gas counterparts. These golf carts do not need oil and so you do not need to worry about changing them. There are also fewer components to service and replace, and you do not need to worry about parts like starter belts or spark plugs.

The main thing you need to keep an eye on is your battery. You will need to charge the battery from time to time, and it can take eight to ten years for the battery to die and for you to need a replacement. When you do, you will need to shop for a battery. You need to know what the four main types of golf cart batteries are as well as their pros and cons to pick the right one.

They are Convenient:

Electric golf carts are convenient and easy to drive. All you need to do is push a button and then use the steering wheel to direct it where you want it to go. There is very little physical manipulation involved, which means you can learn how to drive one in a few minutes.

They are also equipped with headlights and brakes for easy drivability and control in different conditions.

They Are Kind To The Environment:

Much like a combustion engine car, a gas-powered golf cart produces emissions that include numerous pollutants. The carbon dioxide they produce can interfere with the growth of grass, making courses harder to play on and more expensive to maintain.

Electric golf carts, on the other hand, use batteries as a source of power and electricity from the grid to charge. They do not produce any emissions, which makes them kinder to the environment and greener.

Some golf courts do not permit gas golf carts and so owning an electric one can give you access to new courses and playing areas.

They are Quieter:

Combustion engines are typically very loud and can remain audible even when an owner tries to make them quieter. Electric golf carts are much quieter because they use a battery and motor instead of a noisy engine.

If you have an off-road electric golf cart, you can even take it hunting because it will not disturb wildlife. Finally, those who live in a community that values silence but still want to take their golf carts out for a ride from time to time will appreciate the silence of an electric golf cart.


Electric golf carts are better for the environment, quiet, require less maintenance, and are quite affordable, qualities that make them a better option over gas models. As long as you remember to charge and take care of the battery, you should have a great experience owning and driving one around town where permitted.



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