The Top 6 Tasks to Include on Your Move In Cleaning Checklist

Are you planning on a move-in cleaning? It doesn’t matter if you’re a renter or a homeowner; one of the tasks on you’re checklist should be cleaning it from top to bottom. However, people tend to neglect this task since they’d instead unpack boxes and decorate their new space, which results in a messy home.

Rather than succumbing to this temptation, create a move-in cleaning checklist. This will help you prioritize and organize your tasks.

Here are the top 6 tasks to include on you’re move in cleaning checklist.

1. Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where most of our food is prepared and consumed. It’s crucial to have a clean and sanitary kitchen to ensure the health and safety of your family. Some essential tasks to include on you’re checklist would be wiping down all surfaces, cleaning the inside of the cabinets and drawers, and disinfecting appliances.

2. Cleaning the Bathrooms

The bathrooms, in particular, need special attention due to their frequent use and potential for bacteria growth. Some tasks to add to you’re move-in cleaning checklist for the bathrooms might include scrubbing the toilet bowl and seat, wiping down the sink and countertops, disinfecting the shower and bathtub, cleaning the mirrors, and mopping the floors. It is also good to check for any potential mold or mildew and address it immediately.

3. Cleaning the Windows and Mirrors

Windows cleaning is often overlooked but can make a big difference in the overall appearance of you’re new home. Wipe down the windows with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Be sure to reach all corners and edges for a streak-free shine.

Tackle the mirrors using a multi-purpose cleaner, paper towels, or a squeegee, depending on you’re preference.

4. Pest Control

This includes inspecting for any signs of pests such as cockroaches, mice, or ants and addressing any existing infestations. Sealing cracks or openings where pests could enter the space is crucial in preventing future infestations. Scheduling routine pest control services should also be added to the checklist to ensure the maintenance of a pest-free living environment.

5. Dusting and Vacuuming the Floors and Carpets

Dusting all surfaces, including baseboards, windowsills, and shelves, can cut potential allergens and create a healthier living environment for you and you’re family. Vacuuming the floors and carpets not only helps to get rid of any visible dirt but also improves the appearance of your new home.

6. Cleaning the Walls and Baseboards

Over time, walls and baseboards can accumulate dust, dirt, and scuff marks. Including this task on you’re move-in cleaning checklist gives the walls and baseboards a fresh start. This involves wiping down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any grime and using a magic eraser to get rid of any marks or stains.

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Knowing the Top 6 Tasks to Include on You’re Move in Cleaning Checklist

In conclusion, having a move in cleaning checklist can save you time, money, and stress during the hectic process of moving. By prioritizing tasks such as deep cleaning, organizing, and inspecting for any necessary repairs, you can ensure a fresh and welcoming space for your new home. Don’t forget to create you’re checklist and make the move-in process a breeze!

Start checking off these essential tasks today.

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