5 Exciting Things You Can Do in the Art Science Museum Singapore

Visit the ArtScience Museum Singapore if you love to explore iconic cultural landmarks around the world. It is a place where you can enjoy art, science, culture, and technology. The interactive exhibitions are suitable for families of all ages, including children. The list of things to do in the ArtScience Museum below will make you want to visit it immediately.

See a Museum with Sustainable Design Features

The design of this museum is out of the box adopting a lotus flower for the roof. The designer uses this design, so the roof can collect rainwater. The system will recycle and use the water in the plumbing system.

This unique system reduces the use of freshwater. Each lotus petal is a gallery space. The area is bright enough even without any complicated lighting system. It is because the design can catch natural light maximally to have a bright area during the day.

Explore the Marina Bay Sands:

The location of the ArtScience Museum Singapore is on the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. Because of that, you are about to see a luxury resort and casino once you enter the museum area. It is an area before or after exploring the Museum. You can bring your family members to buy something in the shops, enjoy meals at the restaurants, and see other entertaining things there.

Enjoy Fantastic Exhibitions:

This unique museum has 21 gallery spaces. Three of them are the place where the management keeps all artworks. The exhibitions involve investment in fine Art, paleontology, particle physics, and marine biology. It is also a great opportunity for you to see great art exhibitions by professional artists, such as Salvador Dali or Andy Warhol.

Walking Through Three Permanent Exhibition Galleries:

Once you enter the permanent exhibition gallery area, you will explore Curiosity, Inspiration, and Expression galleries. Just like the name of the gallery, Curiosity will trigger you to ask many things about your surroundings. The work in this area is mostly a combination of art and science. Indeed, the amazing art will make you want to explore the gallery more.

The Inspiration gallery triggers you to explore the six important works of science and art innovation. It may inspire you to do the same thing to create a better world. This area introduces you to the greatest artworks by Leonardo da Vinci, a flying machine, floating paper lanterns, a molecular model, a high-tech robotic fish, and many more.

The Expression gallery guides you to see the importance of expressing yourself to create something wonderful. The artworks in this area are considered significant art and science achievements of human history. The multimedia presentation keeps you enjoying the show and getting all the points. The artworks include robotics, architecture, nanotechnology, and many more.

Join a Workshop and Guided Museum Tour:

You can join workshops and guided museum tours when visiting this museum on the weekends. The tours are available in three different languages, which are English, Mandarin, and Japanese. So, it is a great activity to do for foreign tourists.

The management even prepares a variety of topics each season. One of the tours is designed for school groups, especially preschools and secondary schools, along with an interactive show. The educators and group leaders will get printed support materials to guide their members well.

The most important thing is that you get more than you expect when visiting a museum. That’s why more and more people are excited to visit ArtScience Museum while going to Singapore. Grab your ArtScience Museum tickets right away and feel that it’s hard to forget. It seems that you want to go to this place again after your first visit.


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