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What is Metro Shelving and Its Various Benefits?

If you’ve ever worked in the commercial or industrial sectors, you know what Metro Shelving is. Companies use these structures to store sports equipment, tools, office supplies, and other products belonging to the same category.

Although steel shelving enjoys the upper hand in durability, wire shelves are easy to assemble, have low maintenance, and are highly customizable. You will find them in various widths and lengths, with varying numbers in each.

If you need metro shelving, you can buy a new or used one. Surprisingly, used shelving offers more advantages than new ones. The most apparent benefit is cost-effectiveness since you will be saving plenty of money.

You also have the trust factor with used products since someone has already tried and tested the product before you. If you have never bought a used shelf before, try doing so once, it will be worth the time and money.

But before you place an order online for this product, here are some vital details you should know that will make the process convenient.

What is Metro Shelving?

Metro shelving consists of shelves about 18 inches in length and between 36 inches to 48 inches in width. Good ones are usually industrial grade rather than the standard ones you typically encounter in a regular retail store.

The exact number of shelves depends on the specific item you buy. For instance, most contain between four to six frames.

A Look at Some of Their Benefits:

Used wire shelves come with plenty of benefits, of which the obvious one is saving money, as seen above. Here are the other advantages you should know:

Highly Customizable:

Thanks to their one-inch increments, the shelves are highly customizable, as you can place them anywhere along with the posts. For example, if you want extra space between the two, you can arrange them in that order.

Extremely Sturdy:

These products will not fall off the shelves or collapse under the heavyweight as the plastic sleeves firmly secure the rack to the post. Since the frames rest on the sleeves, they remain fixed in one place without moving.

Offer Maximum Visibility:

Closed shelves have the disadvantage of not letting you see the stored products at all times, making it challenging to select one when you need them the most. Metal shelves offer maximum visibility and unrestricted visibility to stored items.

Easy Accessibility:

This point is perhaps a continuation of the previous one but requires a separate mention anyway. These items have an open-shelving system, allowing you to access the items from any side, unlike closed ones with access from a specific side.

The improved access makes it incredibly easy for employees to identify and take the required item within minutes without facing difficulties.

Low Maintenance:

The manufacturers have designed metro shelves to prevent them from collecting dust rapidly. You will find them easier to clean compared to other kinds of frames.

Because they don’t collect dust quickly, they are ideal for industries like food storage, electronics, and healthcare.

Do they come with accessories?

Most used wire shelves come with add-on units and extra shelves to make the storage process more convenient. Some suppliers also provide additional or optional accessories like ledges, baskets, dividers, and shelf-liners.

Each accessory has a particular advantage, contributing to the overall functionality of the item.

Choosing a Supplier to Buy These Shelves:

Try choosing a supplier that offers you the various accessories mentioned above. You should check the prices and if they’re low compared to other suppliers. Do they offer discounts, and if so, by how much?

Which manufacturers items does the supplier have in stock? Some famous brands in this sector are Eagle, Nextel, and Metro, so select one that stocks items from them.

You might also consider browsing their website and reading the customer testimonials.

Read these details carefully before buying metro shelving to receive the best product, and ensure you are satisfied. You can utilize them for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes by storing various items on them safely and securely.


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