Effective Tips to Make Your Employees More Productive

As a manager, one of the toughest tasks you need to handle is employee productivity. If you can inspire your team and ensure there is no productivity drop, your team will be much happier and more satisfied. As a leader, it can get difficult to manage a team and do your own work too.

No matter how many books you may have read on leadership and people management, leading employees in the right direction, and getting the job done only comes through experience.

Although there isn’t a particular way that ensures you can be a great leader; there are definitely a few tactical ways that help you to take the right direction in the journey of becoming a great leader. To know those, keep reading the article.

7 Tips to Make Your Employees More Productive:

1)Be authentic:

If you suddenly sound like a typical strict boss, your employees can easily sense that. Try to be authentic. Back your beliefs and ways of doing things rather than imitating someone else. It not only breaks the trust of your employees but also affects the work. Set your path, see whether it’s working or not, and make necessary changes to your way of dealings, if needed. 

2)Transparent and feedback-driven culture:

Your employees should be able to express their ideas, opinions, and thoughts freely without any constraints. They shouldn’t keep their ideas to themselves fearing that they will anyways not get recognition and appreciation.

Be open to your employee’s feedback and make necessary changes to the way you handle things if they have a valid point. This will build a healthy and happy work culture.

3)Invest in them:

When the learning stops, the productivity either stagnates or declines. Your employees must be given enough learning opportunities to gain more exposure and upgrade their skills so that they can perform better at their job.

There are many workforce development software that helps you to offer courses within a limited budget without compromising on the quality of the learning experience. Find out the skill gaps of your employees and offer relevant training; you will see a steep rise in their productivity.

4)know them well:

Most leaders tend to treat everyone the same way assuming it will give them the best results. But the truth is, everyone is different and as a manager, you need to understand everyone and cater to everyone when you make any decision. Care for them, show empathy and ensure they are completely satisfied with their work. Knowing the boss cares for them would motivate them further to perform better at their job.

5)Recognize their hard work:

When your employees perform well or complete a project on time, recognize and reward their hard work. Sometimes a simple “good job” is all they need. Applaud them in meetings or send them a congratulatory message, there are several ways to recognize your team’s hard work.

If it’s affordable, you can reward them by giving them a salary raise or offering a paid vacation. All these can be great motivating factors for your employees to improve their productivity.

6)Leverage technology:

These days, with rapid technological advancements, you can find many tools which help you to automate most of the time-consuming and mundane tasks. Of Course, not every task can be automated, but even if a few of the daily tasks are automated, your employees can channel their energy on more important tasks.

Focus on the creative aspect of the jobs would give your employees higher job satisfaction keeping them engaged and happy.

7)Hire the right candidates:

This goes without saying, but it helps a lot when you have a passionate team, that loves what they do. During the hiring process, do various assessments to find out if the candidate is the right fit for the role or not. If your employees are just here for the money and are not passionate and interested in their work, it will show up in their productivity as well.


To wrap up, all these tips can help to improve your team’s productivity, but there are many more ways to make your team productive that you can find through your experience. Figure out and try all the possible ways and see what works for you and your team.


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