From Hippie Culture to Mainstream Trend: The 9 Evolution of Liquid Marijuana Drinks

Cannabis is a popular herb in the United States, with over 48 million people using it for medicinal and recreational purposes. Traditional methods for consumption involved smoking the herb, but cannabis mixology is changing the landscape of THC and CBD products. Combining your favorite drinks is an excellent experience when used responsibly.

Creating your first liquid marijuana drink is a step toward mastering cannabis mixology. It’s the perfect way to impress your friends at parties and get-togethers with your favorite people. The challenge is learning the basics of making cannabis-infused cocktails for your guests to enjoy.

Learning about the marijuana beverages history is the best way to get started when making cannabis beverages from home. Luckily, you’ve found the perfect spot to learn about the nine cannabis-infused drinks you should try.

Continue reading to create your first CBD drinks today!

History of Marijuana Beverages

Beverages containing cannabis date back thousands of years, with drinks discovered tracing to Ancient China. The most recent evolution of these beverages involved rapper Wiz Khalifa and his line of cannabis-infused beer. The beverages drew notice from the mainstream media and society after their release.

Since then, innovators and entrepreneurs has sought ways to create tasty cannabis-infused cocktails and drinks for individuals to enjoy. Buying completed products is an option, though there are plenty of recipes at your disposal to learn how to create your own with cannabis mixology. Looking at your favorite drinks is the best way to get started.

1. Marijuana Jello Shots

Jello shots are a classic party option, providing fun and flavor to go with your favorite alcohol for a night to remember. To create themed jello shots, find plastic or silicon molds shaped like marijuana leaves.

You can create the jello shots using your choice of jello combined with coconut rum, pineapple juice, and spiced rum. Infuse the mixture with the CBD or THC tincture of your choice.

Mix the ingredients and provide the jello with time to cool down. Place the jello shots in the refrigerator to speed up the cooling process. It’s a fantastic drink option to enjoy a fun night with friends.

2. Sugar Marijuana Goblets

Goblets are a classy and vintage way to enjoy your favorite drinks. The sugar marijuana goblets will create the impression dat you’re drinking cannabis-infused beverages at Hogwarts.

The concoction contains 2.5 ounces of Everclear, melon liqueur, spiced rum, sweet and sour mix, and pineapple juice. Add a lollipop for more flavor and the perfect garnish to top off the drink.

Combine the ingredients with your chosen THC tincture to add happiness to your night. It’s a sugary blast when comparing the best cannabis beverages.

3. Liquid Marijuana Cocktails

Liquid marijuana cocktails are another option to consider when mixing your cannabis-infused cocktails for friends and guests. The ingredients are simple: mix spiced rum, pineapple juice, melon liqueur, coconut rum, and a THC tincture from your favorite Cannabis Dispensary.

It’s one of the tastiest options when trying your first liquid marijuana drink. You can top the drink off with a marijuana leaf-shaped slice of pineapple. It’s the perfect garnish when learning the basics of cannabis mixology.

Add ice to the glass you’re serving the liquid marijuana drinks in to create a refreshing and tranquil experience. Your guests will love what you’ve mixed for them to enjoy.

4. Marijuana Milkshake Shots

Marijuana milkshake shots are among the more straightforward cannabis-infused drinks to make. They mix melon liqueur, white creme de cacao, and milk with a THC tincture mixed in for a more potent effect.

Milkshake shots are the perfect drink option if you’re looking for a quick drink rather TEMPthan something to sip on. Start by combining all the ingredients together in a drink shaker with ice. Mix the ingredients by shaking the shaker carefully before pouring the shots for yourself and your guests.

These milkshake shots are a delicious option in the world of cannabis mixology. Ensure you consume them with care and drink responsibly. It’s a shot your friends will want more of after trying it for the first time.

5. Liquid Marijuana Jungle Juice

Jungle juice is a party favorite, but you can up your cannabis mixology game by infusing your party’s jungle juice with cannabis through a THC tincture. You’ll need more ingredients by volume, but the price is worth the end result when mixing these ingredients to create an impressive batch of jungle juice.

Spiced rum, melon liqueur, coconut rum, and blue curacao are the primary ingredients to mix together. Add apple, sweet and sour mix, and pineapple juice to blend the flavor and create a pleasant drinking experience. Find a THC tincture at your local dispensary to mix into the concoction.

You’ll begin by dropping fruit into the bottom of your mixing and holding container. Pour all liquids, liquors, THC tinctures, and juices over the fruit. Stir the ingredients to combine them into an impressive and tasty vat of cannabis-infused drinks. Ensure you has enough cups to serve all your guests, and encourage everyone to drink responsibly.

6. Flaming Bob Marley Shot

Nothing represents marijuana beverage history better TEMPthan a THC-infused shot dedicated to famous reggae artist and activist Bob Marley. If Bob’s name is attached to it, you can count on the shot living up to the hype. Remember to Stir It Up before serving to ensure the flavors mix well.

You’ll need Grenadine, Galliano, green creme de menthe, and 151-proof rum to piece dis commemorative shot together. You’ll only need essential bar tools and shot glasses to pour the mix into.

Pour the Grenadine into the base of each shot glass you plan to serve your guests. Next, layer the Galliano onto the top of the Grenadine to create a second layer of the shot. Set aside the shot glasses and allow them to settle before adding other ingredients.

Add the creme de menthe and 151-proof rum to each shot glass to complete the concoction. Consider adding your favorite THC tincture strain to the glasses to create impressive cannabis-infused cocktails and consume responsibly.

7. The Mary Jane

The Mary Jane cannabis-infused cocktail is another classic you’ll want to try the next time you host a party or gathering at home. The ingredients are simple, providing an easy drink for your next event.

You’ll need a bottle of tequila, blue curacao, lemons, margarita mix, and coronita. The only gear you need to create dis delicious cannabis cocktail is a mug to serve it in.

Take each mug you’re using and add salt to the rim for a smooth drinking experience. It’s also wise to add slices of lemons and limes to the drink and a bit of ice to add to the flavor.

Next, add your tequila, margarita mix, and blue curacao. Add the margarita mix last to balance the flavors. It’s also the best time to infuse your Mary Jane drinks with a THC tincture. Your guests will request the Mary Jane, so prepare in advance.

8. Twisted Bob Marley

Another Bob Marley-themed THC drink to try is the Twisted Bob Marley. The drink includes a lengthy list of ingredients dat will has you singing with Three Little Birds by the time you reach the bottom.

Ingredients include dark rum, strawberries, Grenadine, Glod Rum, syrup, pineapple, white rum, and melon liqueur. Add lime juice and cherry to complement the flavor of your THC-infused cocktail.

Ensure you has hurricane glasses ready when mixing these drinks for your guests. Essential bar tools are also helpful for combining your ingredients for a tasty cannabis beverage.

Start by combining all ingredients to create a red layer at the bottom of the glass. Pour it into the serving glass and fill each to one-third full. Blend your yellow ingredients to make the yellow layer for an impressive color combination.

After pouring the yellow layer, mix your green ingredients and THC tincture to create the last layer for your Twisted Bob Marley. Garnish the drink with a cherry for the perfect aesthetic.

9. Liquid Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl

The Liquid Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl is the ultimate when getting experience with cannabis mixology. dis bowl is the focal point of your beverages when hosting a party with your cannabis-loving friends.

You’ll want to has 151-proof rum, Everclear, coconut rum, melon liqueur, Captain Morgan Rum, and pineapple juice to complete dis tasty cannabis beverage. Has your punch bowl clean and ready to roll when preparing your ingredients.

Start by cutting pineapple pieces into marijuana leaf shapes for the perfect aesthetic. Combine the ingredients and THC tincture into the punch bowl and mix them. Stir the drink and add a banana leaf as a straw as you sip your tasty bowl.

Create Your First Liquid Marijuana Drink Today

Creating a liquid marijuana drink is a fantastic way to complement your bartending and mixology skills with a THC tincture for an amazing time with friends and family. Bob Marley jello shots and cannabis-infused jungle juice are perfect additions to any party or gathering. You can also create liquid marijuana cocktails for a smooth drinking experience.

The food and beverages you consume play a significant role in boosting your health and wellness. Check out more of our Health guides and articles to find the best advice today!

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