The Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners

Motorcycle Gear- If you recently purchased a motorcycle, you probably can’t wait to start riding. However, before you do, you’ll want to ensure that you’re wearing the proper gear that will help keep you safe if you’re ever in an accident.

Even though each piece of gear can cost hundreds of dollars, now is not the time to cheap out and buy knockoffs. There are mountains of evidence to suggest that wearing the right protective clothing can save you from significant injuries. In fact, if you haven’t bought a bike yet, it may even be a good idea to factor in the cost of some high-quality gear into your motorcycle loan so that you’ll be one hundred percent covered.

What kind of clothing do you need exactly? This post will go through the best motorcycle gear beginners should have before they hit the open road.

Here Are The best motorcycle gear beginners should have before they hit the open road:

A Helmet:

Above all else, a crash-rated helmet is an absolute must for riders. Even though not all states in the U.S. require wearing them, NHTSA (the National Highway Safety Transportation Authority) has stated that un-helmeted riders are three times more likely than helmeted ones to sustain traumatic brain injuries in the event of a crash.

To know if your helmet is legit and meets U.S. safety standards, make sure it has an authentic DOT (Department of Transportation) sticker on it. Or, if you want one that’s been designed to the latest, higher standards, look for one that meets ECE 22.05 European certification.


While most riders would probably assume that hiking boots or some other stylish footwear is good enough, the opposite is unfortunately true. If you happen to fall off your bike and it comes down on you, there’s a good chance that it will catch your leg and possibly crush one of the bones.

For this reason, many experts recommend wearing boots that provide shin protection for the entire length of the lower leg. Most boots that meet these requirements will also give the necessary support for your ankle, toes, and heels as well.


Biking gloves are intended to do a lot more than keep your hands warm from the wind. If you fall, especially during a low-speed collision, the natural tendency is for a person to reach out with their hands and catch themselves. However, this can easily result in a sprained wrist or hyperextension.

To protect against this, wear “sliders.” These gloves will restrict the motion of your hands and protect them as you slide along the payment.

A Jacket:

Everyone from professional racers to Hell’s Angels style bikers wears leather jackets for a good reason – it protects them from road rash in case they fall. Without a thick, durable jacket, sliding across the pavement could peel away several layers of skin. However, you’ll be less likely to be harmed when a proper protective coat is worn.


Similar to a leather jacket, biker pants aim to protect your extremities from the pavement. Therefore, you’ll want to purchase either leather pants or durable jeans that are made specifically for bikers.

Additionally, finding pants with built-in knee protection can be a huge advantage. The armor can prevent you from needing years of knee rehabilitation or surgery if you’re involved in a crash.

The Bottom Line:

Don’t let the thrill or expense of riding a motorcycle prevent you from buying the right gear. Be sure to get items like a helmet, boots, gloves, a coat, and pants, and you’ll significantly increase your chances of surviving a crash.

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