The 10 Most Common Household Pests

Household Pests- When pests enter your home, your whole life can be thrown into turmoil. Some are simple to get rid of, while others are incredibly expensive and frustrating to evict. By cleaning your home regularly, removing any standing water sources, and preventing your home from having unforeseen foundational issues, you can guarantee that you’ll keep pests far away from your home.

When you do start noticing pests amassing, however, you must know what you’re dealing with. To help you identify which pests are giving you problems,

Here are the ten most common household pests you should be on the lookout for:

1. Rodents

While rodents are technically highly beneficial when it comes to preventing the presence of other pests in your home, most homeowners are happy to skip out on their help, and simply have a rodent-free household. Many people are still so afraid of rodents that they will do anything to keep them away, and historians connect this phobia to how often rodents have spread plague and other diseases within human communities.

2. Cockroaches

Despite being an insect, cockroaches can grow to be massive. They also tend to look threatening and move at frightening speeds, making them that much more frustrating to deal with. When you begin seeing any signs of roaches, it’s time to put in the work to get rid of your roaches immediately, as this will ensure you do not find yourself overwhelmed by them later on.

3. Ants

Ants are perhaps the most common pest that homeowners have to deal with regularly. Ants outnumber people by almost unimaginable numbers, so they are practically everywhere, even if you are not immediately aware of their presence.

Ants communities are incredibly social, intelligent hiveminds, so dealing with them can be frustrating. By keeping your home clean, you can more effectively prevent an ant infestation from occurring in the first place.

4. Earwigs

One of the most disturbing pests out there, earwigs look like something straight out of the most deranged horror film you can imagine. Superstitions that they crawl into your ears at night have made them that much more frightening to homeowners, but thankfully, there is no credibility to this rumor. They prefer moist, cool places, so if you suspect they are in your home, these areas are where you should look first.

5. Termites

Termites are one of the most destructive pests there are. Because they can quickly destroy or severely damage the foundation of your home, termites are also the most expensive pest that homeowners have to (in unfortunate times) deal with.

Additionally, termites are difficult to distinguish from ants unless you know what you’re looking for. If you suspect you might have a termite problem, you need to contact a professional exterminator immediately.

6. Fleas

Especially if you live out in the country, fleas can become a huge problem once they’ve infiltrated your home. They are frustrating, itchy, and hard to spot, making them a pain to get rid of. To prevent the problem from developing, you should be treating your pets for fleas every few months (especially if they spend a lot of time outside).

7. Bees

While bees are wonderful for the environment, it’s not useful for them, or us, if they begin living inside of your home. While rare, bees have been known to sometimes build nests inside of, or on the outside of, people’s homes. When this happens, calling animal control to help remove them safely is highly recommended.

8. Silverfish

Another pest that prefers moist, warm spaces, silverfish are small and hard to spot (especially given their translucent appearance). If you have a moist spot in your home’s foundation with a food source they can feed on, silverfish are almost certain to appear. Thankfully, they are typically less invasive and easier to deal with when compared to the other pests on this list.

9. Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are those that you commonly see on decks and the outside of buildings. While they do not sing, they can deliver a painful bite and are incredibly annoying. Simple pest sprays can help get rid of them, but you need to take care of them quickly to prevent them from amassing.

10. Millipedes

Similar to earwigs, the creepy, unsettling appearance of millipedes is their main annoyance. While they are not the most destructive pests out there, they are certainly unwelcome in most homes. The fact that they are known for breeding at an incredibly fast rate makes their presence that much more alarming, so be sure to snuff out any that you happen to see as quickly as you can.

You Must Remain Vigilant to Prevent Infestations.

Without vigilance, pest problems can easily get out of control. To avoid expensive exterminations, and uncomfortable living conditions, you must educate yourself about potential threats. By keeping an eye out for these ten pests (and others), you will protect the comfort and value of your home in 2022.



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