Removing Trojan: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction serves as a Command and control (C&C) server for the VenomSoftX malware, a potent JavaScript-based RAT (remote access trojan) with a focus on cryptocurrency theft and browser manipulation.

Step 1: Terminate Malicious Processes with Rkill

Download RKill:

Visit to download RKill.

Click “Download Now” for the renamed version, iExplore.exe.

Run RKill:

Execute iExplore.exe to terminate known malware processes.

The program may take time to search for and end various malware programs.

Step 2: Uninstall Malicious Programs

Access Windows Settings

Press Windows key + I or right-click the Start button and select “Settings.”

Navigate the Apps and Features

In Settings, click on “Apps” and then “Apps & Features.”

Uninstall Suspicious Programs

Identify and uninstall any unknown or suspicious programs.

Step 3: Remove Malicious Browser Policies

Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Type “cmd” in the search bar, right-click Command Prompt, and select “Run as administrator.”

Execute Commands:

Type the following commands:

RD /S /Q “%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicyUsers”

RD /S /Q “%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicy”

Gpupdate /force

Step 4: Delete Malicious Files and Folders

1. Delete Malicious Scheduled Tasks:

Search for “Task Scheduler” and delete any suspicious tasks.

2. Delete Malicious Files in AppData\Roaming:

Open Run (Windows key + R).

Enter %AppData% and click OK.

Delete unknown folders with suspicious names.

3. Delete Malicious Files in AppData\Local:

Open Run (Windows key + R).

Enter %localappdata% and click OK.

Delete folders named Default, WindowsApp, and ServiceApp.

Step 5: Reset Browser Settings

Reset Chrome Settings to Defaults

Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of Chrome after opening it.

Go to “Advanced” > “Settings” > “Reset and clean up.”

Please click on “Reset settings to their original defaults” to confirm.

Step 6: Use Malwarebytes for Trojan Removal

Download Malwarebytes:

Visit Malwarebytes and download the application.

Install and Run Scan:

Click “Confirm” after selecting “Reset settings to their original defaults.”

Click “Scan” to detect and quarantine malware.

Restart your computer if prompted.

Step 7: Scan with HitmanPro for Rootkits

Download HitmanPro

Visit HitmanPro and download the program.

Install and Run Scan

Double-click the HitmanPro file to install.

Click “Next” to perform a system scan.

Remove detected items and activate the free license if needed.

Step 8: Use AdwCleaner for Adware Removal

Download AdwCleaner

Visit AdwCleaner and download the tool.

Install and Run Scan

Double-click the AdwCleaner file to install.

Click “Scan” to detect and quarantine adware.

Click “Continue” to complete the removal process.


By diligently following these steps, you can effectively eliminate the Trojan and associated malware from your system. Ensure your antivirus is regularly updated, practice caution online, and adhere to security best practices to prevent future infections.

Note: If issues persist, seek assistance from security forums or run additional scans with tools like Emsisoft Emergency Kit.


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