Preschool Pros and Cons: Should You Send Your Little One to School Early?

Preschool Pros and Cons – Choosing whether to send your child to preschool can seem momentous. After all, it’s the first step of their educational career. There isn’t a clear-cut answer, as all kids and families are different. While some kids have a wonderful preschool experience, others aren’t as happy.

These preschool pros and cons should help you decide the best option for your kids:


There are several reasons to send your kids to preschool. The social and learning benefits can be fantastic.

Social advantages:

If your child spends every day at home, they may not get the social opportunities they would get at a preschool. At preschool, they get a chance to interact with kids their age. Even if your child spends time with siblings or cousins, preschool lets them socialize with kids of different backgrounds and personalities.

Kids also get a chance to work with trusted adults. Learning to work with a teacher will give them good experience for kindergarten.

The learning environment:

Preschools can provide a learning environment that’s difficult to recreate at home. Teachers carefully choose toys to help students learn new skills and develop creativity. Surrounding them are learning opportunities. Bright and colorful decorations by providers like Sproutbrite further enrich the learning environment.

New experiences:

Preschool provides kids with the chance for all sorts of new experiences. They’ll read new books, learn new skills, and be exposed to new concepts. New experiences create connections in the brain, enabling children to learn and develop new skills.


While there are many great reasons to send your child to preschool, there are still some factors to consider.

Separation anxiety:

Most kids have some level of separation anxiety. It’s normal and healthy. Attending preschool can help them overcome this anxiety and learn to thrive outside the home. However, sending them to preschool too soon may only increase it for kids with intense separation anxiety.

If your child suffers from intense separation anxiety, you may want to hold off on school until they’re a little older and can better understand what’s happening.


Unfortunately, the cost of preschool is out of reach for many families. Parents have to pay for preschool in countries without a universal preschool program. While there are affordable preschools, many of the best ones can be just as expensive as sending your kids to private school.

Can turn kids off school:

The wrong preschool can be detrimental to kids. Some preschools have an intense focus on preparing kids for kindergarten. They push kids to learn skills like reading and math before their brains are ready. Kids spend a lot of the day sitting still and doing worksheets.

This type of school can turn kids off to school before they even start their elementary years. It can take several years of excellent schooling to undo one lousy year.

Parting thoughts:

Choosing whether or not to send your child to preschool often comes down to the school itself. A play-based preschool with warm and enthusiastic teachers can create an excellent experience for your child. Be sure to tour the school and see how students learn and what expectations are set before making a decision.


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