PERKS OF A TRUCKING CAREER – Every day can be a different experience in the life of a trucker, allowing professionals to enjoy drives through scenic routes and plan schedules as per convenience. Besides, since truck drivers are essential workers, the demand for more professionals is constantly increasing.

But how long can a trucker drive each day, and what benefits can you enjoy in this profession? The following information will elaborate on both these critical aspects, helping newbies grasp the importance of this career and why it is a good choice.

First, consider the advantages of a trucking career and determine if it suits your personality.

Benefits Of Being A Trucker:

Trucking jobs are perpetually on the rise since these professionals transport all sorts of pivotal cargo, including food items, automobiles, auto parts, chemical substances, and heavy cargo. While regularly driving long distances might seem tedious to some folks, the job has its share of benefits. The following are some examples of what these are.

  • Good pay – The average salary of a driver is approximately seventy-seven thousand dollars a year, with many companies paying more to those who transport sensitive cargo.
  • Flexible shifts – Many experienced drivers enjoy the freedom to choose their own routes, work shifts, and timings, making it easy to manage their personal and professional lives.
  • Scenic routes – Lugging cargo across stunning roads that sometimes pass beaches and mountains is a high point of the job, enabling drivers to enjoy breathtaking beauty as they pass by.
  • Affordable education – Some companies will pay dedicated individuals to take the CDL exam, making getting a license affordable and hassle-free. Also, you can typically begin work a couple of weeks after you receive a permit.
  • Extra benefits – Besides an excellent salary, many professionals enjoy additional perks such as dental coverage, insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans.

Permissible Driving Hours:

So, how long can a trucker drive each day? Per the FMCSA rules, folks are permitted to drive approximately eleven hours per day without exceeding seventy hours weekly. Since trucking is often a seven-day-a-week job, drivers must rest for at least thirty minutes after driving for eight hours nonstop.

They also must take a relaxation period of around thirty-four hours once they clock in the number of hours per week, allowing their tired minds and bodies to rest.

It is critical to follow these guidelines as they will ensure you are alert behind the wheel, posing no threat to yourself or other drivers around you.

Use A Reliable Resource For More Information:

A significant advantage of choosing to truck over other career options is that there is no shortage of valuable information on the internet. You can find reputable websites run by experienced trucking professionals with countless years on the road, guiding you into transitioning to being a trucker.

They provide a wealth of information, from listing the best training schools and companies to work with to getting the correct license and choosing an excellent company to work for.

Furthermore, many websites also provide open forums where experienced and new drivers can have a dialogue, helping amateurs collect valuable tips for life on the road. Therefore, it is better to trust a reliable resource than to figure things out on your own when choosing trucking as a profession.



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