Can Magic Mushrooms Treat Anorexia?

Individuals with anorexia nervosa strive to achieve and sustain an exceptionally low body weight. This endeavor involves a deliberate reduction in food consumption, heightened engagement in physical activities, or a blend of both practices. The repercussions of such behaviors are profound, often resulting in a state of malnutrition and physical decline.

Treating anorexia involves considering various approaches, but not every individual responds uniformly to available treatments. There arises a pressing requirement to explore alternative and improved solutions.

Psilocybin, commonly sourced from a mushroom dispensary, has the potential for managing anorexia in current studies. This compound presents promising outcomes worth considering.

Key Takeaways:

  • Psilocybin, in its preliminary findings, shows that it can break the ego-syntonic nature of the patient to seek help.
  • Four individuals in the study experienced a reduction in eating disorder scores.
  • Anorexia is a serious eating disorder that extends beyond being a simple lifestyle preference.

What Do We Have to Know About Anorexia Nervosa?

It is a common misconception to regard eating problems as simply lifestyle decisions. In reality, eating disorders are grave and fatal illnesses linked to profound disturbances in individuals’ eating behaviors, as well as their associated thoughts and emotions. These conditions demand careful consideration and understanding as they extend beyond simple lifestyle preferences to encompass complex mental and emotional struggles.

The roots of eating disorders delve into an intricate interplay of genetic, biological, behavioral, psychological, and social elements. A noteworthy avenue of exploration centers around the examination of human genes. Researchers strive to identify specific DNA variations linked to increased susceptibility to eating disorders, acknowledging their hereditary nature.

Treatment Options For Those Seeking Help

Eating disorders increase susceptibility to both suicide and various medical complications. Often, these individuals concurrently contend with additional mental health challenges. The prospect of complete recovery is a reassuring reality.

Treatment plans meet the needs of each individual. These plans may encompass a combination of therapeutic modalities.

  • Individual, group, or family psychotherapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Medical care

The approach aims to provide a supportive and holistic environment that fosters sustained well-being.

Alternative Options are On the Rise

Ten female adults aged 18 to 40 with anorexia participated in an active study featured in the journal Nature Medicine, where they took a single dose of psilocybin, complemented by psychological support. Over the following three-month assessment period, researchers found no serious adverse events.

Patients conveyed a notable 90% endorsement of the psilocybin treatment. A significant majority also expressed willingness to consider additional treatments if made available.

In a three-month follow-up, researchers observed significant reductions in eating disorder scores for four individuals, which indicates a potential pathway to remission from eating disorder psychopathology.

The researchers noted a significant reduction in eating disorder scores among four individuals during a three-month follow-up, meeting the criteria for remission from eating disorder psychopathology.


Anorexia, characterized by its ego-syntonic nature, intertwines with internal values, self-image, and sense of self. This intrinsic alignment with the psychopathology complicates treatment efforts, as patients perceive the condition as acceptable. The conflict arises when engaging in eating behaviors triggers dysphoric mood states due to the inconsistency with the ego-syntonic value system associated with the pathology.

This inherent conflict leads individuals with anorexia to resist intervention and downplay the severity of the illness. Ego-syntonic parallels are evident in the realm of addiction pathology as well.

Psilocybin therapy exhibited positive outcomes in anxiety reduction and enhanced cognitive flexibility. Researchers hypothesize that these improvements may disrupt preoccupations related to eating disorders, rigid thinking patterns, and entrenched behaviours.

The potential mechanisms underlying this perceptual shift are present in previous studies. A 2020 study from Johns Hopkins University revealed that subjective experiences, such as empathetic connections and a diminished sense of self or ego, were associated with reduced claustrum activity and default mode network connectivity.

The current study’s participants reported positive perceptions and increased engagement, which suggest that psilocybin therapy could disrupt ego-syntonic behaviours and enhance the quality of life for individuals with anorexia.

Exploring Strains to Try

Overview Psilocybin Amount






Very Potent

Golden Teacher

Golden Teachers stand out as one of the widely recognized varieties among magic mushrooms. Renowned for their gentle characteristics, they serve as a benchmark when evaluating the potency of contemporary magic mushroom strains.

These mushrooms induce a range of effects encompassing shifts in mood, sensations, and perception. While some users may encounter visual phenomena like intensified colours or evolving geometric patterns, such occurrences are less commonly reported compared to certain other mushroom varieties.

Blue Meanies

Blue Meanies offers a distinctive experience characterized by visual and physical sensations, euphoria, energy, and introspection. The trip’s onset occurs within forty-five minutes to an hour after ingestion.

These unique journeys may last four to five hours. Blue Meanie is sometimes confused with another magic mushroom variety, Panaeolus cyanescens.

Penis Envy

The distinctive features of Penis Envy mushrooms include a rounded cap and a sturdier stem compared to various other mushroom varieties. The nomenclature of these fungi proves to be quite fitting.

PE mushrooms are more potent than other strains of cubensis and result in an elevated level of creativity and dramatic visual and auditory hallucinations. Understanding potential effects in these altered states can contribute to a sense of readiness as the profound impact of a mushroom trip begins to unfold.


Psilocybin, despite being in the early stages of exploration for treating anorexia, is demonstrating promising results. Its ability to disrupt the ego-syntonic nature encourages individuals to seek assistance and strive for self-improvement in managing their condition. The effects of psilocybin, when integrated into a comprehensive treatment regimen for anorexia, offer individuals grappling with the condition a broader range of alternatives for finding effective treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mushroom dispensaries?

Mushroom dispensaries are stores that showcase multiple selections of magic mushroom products. The products can range from dried shrooms to edibles.

Can I order magic mushrooms online?

Yes. Shroom dispensaries offer you a convenient way to access magic shrooms. You can find a selection of safely sourced products from cultivators and brands. When ordering online, you get the convenience of having your items delivered to you.

Are there medical options for magic mushrooms like cannabis?

No. Magic mushrooms in a dispensary don’t have a label that indicates if it is for medical or recreational use. You can find shroom products based on their strain or dosage content. Magic mushroom, whether in high dosage or microdose, shows promising benefits either way.

Can I find magic mushroom capsule products for wellness?

Magic mushroom capsules are easily available from a mushroom dispensary. These capsules incorporate a subtle dosage of psilocybin, the active compound found in shrooms, and additional nootropic elements. Positioned as wellness products, these capsules boost overall well-being without inducing hallucinations.

What are beginner-friendly mushrooms I can try?

There are a lot of strains with an average amount of psilocybin. You can never go wrong with the classic Golden Teacher strain. Many users prefer this strain as it produces subtle effects (dose-dependent). Most products that contain mushrooms (edibles, capsules, and drinks) use GT shrooms as the main source of psilocybin.

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