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The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Considering Juvederm Injections

With over 4 million Juvederm treatments performed annually, this popular dermal filler provides an accessible, non-surgical solution for smoothing away wrinkles and restoring youthful facial contours.

However, in the excitement over these touted benefits, it’s easy to overlook or minimize risks and situations that can lead to less-than-optimal results.

As a skilled Juvederm injector, Dr. Lauren Nawrocki of Green Relief Health MedSpa & Medical Weight Loss has treated hundreds of patients over the past decade using advanced techniques to safely enhance lips and reduce creases around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. 

Here, she shares the most common oversights she regularly helps new patients avoid on their journey to beautifully refreshed faces.

Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Provider

While hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm are considered very safe, thanks to recent advances, the skill and experience of the injecting clinician remain paramount for avoiding complications. However, many patients base their selection on price or convenience rather than properly vetting their provider’s credentials and expertise.

Be sure any injector you see meets these qualification criteria:

  • Licensed Healthcare Practitioner: Select a licensed and accredited doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant. Beware med spas using unlicensed techs and assistants for financial savings.
  • Specific Training + Specialization General cosmetology licenses don’t cover advanced injections. Ensure specialists have completed specific instruction and certifications like those focused purely on aesthetic techniques at Green Relief MedSpa.
  • Years of Regular Experience: Ask specifically how long they have actively worked with fillers, asking for before and after imaging evidence. Consistently maintaining injection proficiency is crucial for mastery and safety.
  • Dedicated Medical Setting While jewelry stores and gyms offer party fillers, choose properly equipped clinical settings ready for any emergencies with cooling masks, dissolve agents, and emergency training.
  • Avoid Heavy Sales Tactics Steer clear of deals too good to be true or high-pressure sales pitches. Trust ethical practitioners focused on appropriate care over upselling incentives.

Taking these steps avoids nearly all risks of bruising, lumpiness, and other preventable errors in experienced hands like those of  Dr. Nawrocki at Green Relief Health Medspa.

Mistake #2: Not Establishing Realistic Expectations

Getting swept up in amazing before and after filler transformations seen online can set unrealistic expectations that leave new patients disappointed or desiring overcorrection. Be sure you and your clinician openly discuss the following:

Individual Facial Assessment Unique facial muscle structure, bone shape, and skin thickness all impact how much filling an area needs and can support optimum aesthetic balance vs exaggerated enhancement.

Limitations of Fillers Alone Fillers only augment lost volume. They cannot lift sagging skin or make large alterations to the underlying facial scaffolding. Additional therapies may be needed to achieve the desired shaping.

A gradual Building Approach and subtle layering over a series of sessions allow the best contouring and mimicry of youthful fullness while avoiding sudden drastic changes that look obvious. Patience is rewarded.

Maintenance Requirements Like any device, from computers to cars, parts wear out over time, including facial filler. Discussing replenishment schedules prevents disappointment when results begin softly reversing.

Setting realistic expectations from the start prevents the shock of discovering shortcuts and imagining an instant miracle in a syringe. Be sure your practitioner takes time to explore what’s truly achievable for your unique scenario.

Mistake #3: Neglecting Proper Aftercare

Even expert injection does not guarantee proper integration and healing if patients don’t adequately nurture their skin afterward. Be sure to clarify:

Activity Restrictions Vigorous exercise, facials, dental work, sleeping face down, and alcohol consumption can all disrupt settling. Follow any limitations on motion, pressure, and lifestyle adjustments.

Arnica + Ice Therapy Using arnica creams and gently icing areas minimizes the risk of swelling, bruising, and discomfort from injected regions. Incorporate any at-home soothing recommendations.

Massage Techniques Gently pressing and massaging zones once swelling resolves can help evenly distribute and settle filler integrating with surrounding tissues. Ask how to self-massage for better outcomes.

Avoiding Sun + Additional Treatments

Sun exposure and skin resurfacing treatments like microneedling and lasers can degrade unsettled filler. Carefully protect fresh injections.

Return for Checkups Most providers recommend returning two weeks post-treatment to assess settlement and evenness, allowing for light touch-up reinjection if needed to perfect results. 

Don’t skip!

Diligently following aftercare processes gives patients accountability for supporting optimal enhancement after leaving the treatment room. Be sure to clarify the plan for protecting results.

Avoid Common Pitfalls on Your Journey to More Youthful Confidence

With a basic understanding of common slip-ups that happen around Juvederm injections, you now have added knowledge to avoid such outcomes on your wrinkle-fighting journey. 

Pairing realistic goals with an expert injector fully committed to your safety and satisfaction is the ultimate recipe for success with these procedures.

Ready to learn more about ideal options focused on your unique scenario? Contact our office today to further discuss the possibilities and proper protocols for you. Together, we’ll shape a subtle, graceful enhancement you’ll love.


When considering Juvederm injections, it is important to take the time to choose an experienced, qualified injector and set realistic expectations about the results. 

Properly preparing for injections and diligently following aftercare instructions can help patients avoid common pitfalls like bruising, unevenness, and disappointment. 

With reasonable goals and a specialist committed to safety and satisfaction, Juvederm can subtly and gracefully restore facial contours for natural-looking enhancement that patients will appreciate.


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