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Mary Lee Harvey Biography:

Mary Vaughan Harvey (nee Woolridge) was born on 20 October 1960. She once showed in a YouTube video that she had a toxic connection with her father. As a result of this, she yearns for that connection never had with her dad. Mary Lee Harvey obtained attention when she married Steve Harvey, the well-liked media character, also known as the ”busiest man in Hollywood”.

Facts about Mary Lee Harvey:

Full name Mary Lee Harvey
Mary Lee Harvey’s age 62 years old
Birthdate 20 October 1960
Birthplace Texas, United States of America
Nationality America
Ethnicity Afro American
Profession Makeup artist
Spouse Steve Harvey (1996-2005)
Mary Lee Harvey’s Net worth $500,000
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital status Married
Mary Lee Harvey Children 1

Mary Lee Harvey Career:

In the 80s, Mary Lee Harvey worked as a makeup artist. She worked in that career for much of the late 80s and early 90s. However, her professional path was unknown later she married her husband in the mid-90s.

Mary Lee Harvey Makeup artist

Since her divorce, Mary Lee Harvey has hardly made public comments about her life, thereby not helping the Public with Information about her life. In the late eighties, Mary met her future husband, Steve Harvey in a mall situated in Arlington, Texas. She worked as a makeup artist again.

Mary Lee Harvey Net worth:

The net worth of Mary Lee Harvey residue largely unknown to the public. She may have likely received some form of financial recompense from her divorce case, but the enumeration of the settlement has not been disclosed to date.

Her net worth is considered as $500,000. Later the divorce, she received a $40,000 monthly stipend as an adjustment and well-being care. This lasted for four months later the apart.

She was also trophy three homes in their possessions agreement. Whatever Steve won the primary detention of Wynton and migrated him to Atlanta.

How did Mary Harvey and Steve Harvey meet?

The ex-couple met in Arlington Texas in 1989. He was quite a stand-up comedian at the time. The pair had an instant relationship and they drop in love at first sight.

Mary Lee Harvey With Steve Harvey

The two had children from old marriages unluckily, not much about Mary Harvey’s Kid from old connection has been disclosed. Nevertheless, Steve had two daughters, Brandi and Karli, and Son Broderick Harvey Jr.

They path down the passage in 1996. However, previously this marriage, Steve was divorced from his past marriage with Marcia Harvey. Marcia was categorized for divorce in 1993.

Steve and Lee Vaughn were alive together at the same time and even had a son. Mary Lee Harvey’s son. Wayton was born on 18 July 1997. Unlikely, like most marriages, they had a just share of issues.


They eventually divorced in 2005.

Mary Lee Harvey Family:

Mary Lee Harvey was born on October 19 in Arlington, Texas, America. She once revealed that she was a Brocadean in a joint family of 10 children. As a wife, plenty is recognized about Mary Lee Harvey. She married Broderick Stephen Harvey Sr., Famous known as Steve Harvey, an American television host, actor, and comedian, on 21 June 1996.

While Mary and Harvey had known each other for more than 10 years, she said yes to him later seven years. Their marriage was moved well although, with Mary encouraging Harvey behind the scenes as he ascended the winner riches step. Mary Lee Harvey later gave birth to a son for the comedian, named Wynton.

Mary Lee Harvey With Ex-husband

So, it was a huge surprise to everyone when the couple divorced. Their marriage lasted for nearly 10 years previously they divorced in 2005.

Harvey went forward and appealed for her ex-husband for a $60 Million quote: Child imperilment, torture, plot against rights, kidnapping, murder, violations of contract, and international imposition of emotional distress. This would not be the radio host’s first divorce, as he was once married and divorced previously when he met Mary Harvey. His first wife was Marcia Harvey and their union developed two daughters (Brandi and Karli)and a son (Broderick Harvey Jr).

Speaking to TMX, Harvey’s lawyer showed that the comedian contradicted the allegations. The divorce was a messy one because they both brawled for the detention of their son. Mary Harvey began uploading videos on YouTube to achieve support from fans.

Mary Lee Harvey With Ex-husband Steve Harvey

It was these recordings that show that Harvey had also reportedly misused her psychologically and physically. Harvey accepted his ex-wife to court and won an injunction against her. Mary Lee Harvey was given a gag order not to show or talk about the details of the case to the public, TmZ reports.

In 2013, she infringed the court order that was delivered and was arrested. When speaking to Fox4 News, she said: “I did not infringe any court orders.  That’s what they are saying. I’m like, this is America.” The odds didn’t drop in Mary Harvey’s favor as she lost her son’s detention. According to CNN, at the period the divorce took place, the court documents liberation.

Where is Mary Harvey today?

Mary was found in Texas. Later all the disagreement, she is seldom seen in the media. There is also no knowledge about her connection affairs or any other details. On the other hand, her ex-husband married Marjorie Bridges in 2007.

Mary Harvey into the Limelight as the wife of Steve Harvey. She became married to the television nature later he divorced his first wife. Unlikely, their marriage did not last a lifetime because they divorced in 2005.

After Math:

As a part of the agreement, Mary was ordered to make a public declaration about the divorce but would start on her method by issuing a public declaration against Harvey.  Because of this, he violated court orders, and as a grade, he was jailed for 30 days.   the same woman Mary Lee accused of having an affair during their marriage. It has helped Marjorie become a better man and a better father to her children. There are three children from the previous relationship with Marjorie and Steve treats them well. He also has four grandchildren.

Mary Lee Harvey has been quiet and out of the media spotlight for a few years since her release from prison. According to reports, he remarried and now has a wife. The last report about this came in 2016 when it was reported that she went to court to declare her husband “murdered”. She was seeking $60 million but lost the case.


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