Decoding manga18fx: A Deep Dive into Traffic Trends and Strategies

Introduction Of manga18fx:

 Manga fans’ preferred destination for online entertainment is Manga18fx. Analysing its traffic from December 2023 reveals interesting information about its global reach, user interactions, and strategies employed in a crowded online space. 186.57 million people visited the website, suggesting a vibrant community. Important statistics indicating active exploration include 7.44 pages per visit and an average duration of 13:42.

Geographically speaking, the Philippines leads the world in traffic (18.54%), followed by the US (17.09%) and Indonesia (10.11%). Gaining insight into these patterns will enable you to reach a larger audience and target content more skillfully. Popular websites like and are revealed when the site’s journey is examined, in addition to significant direct traffic. Maintaining success in this competitive market requires an understanding of these aspects.

Traffic Overview:

December 2023 saw a notable uptick in visits to’s digital stage, with a whopping 5.67% increase, totaling 186.57 million. These numbers offer a thorough overview of the functionality of the website, which is further emphasised by important metrics like pages per visit (7.44), average visit duration (13:42), and a comparatively low bounce rate of 24.12%. All of these metrics point to a highly engaged user base that frequently visits several pages.

Geographic Insights:

The audience distribution of manga18fx across the globe shows some interesting trends. At 18.54% of overall traffic, the Philippines stands out as a core market, closely followed by the US (17.09%) and Indonesia (10.11%). Gaining an understanding of these demographics can help the website target its marketing and customise its content, opening up new markets and expanding its global reach.

Traffic Sources and Destinations:

Analysing the path taken by visitors to reveals important traffic sources and destinations. With a substantial 80.02% share of direct traffic, it is clear that a large number of people are familiar with the website. Notable sources are (1.43%) and (10.45%).

Furthermore, analysis of destinations shows that after visiting, users frequently navigate to (32.76%) and (9.67%). Recognising these trends offers chances to strategically reach a larger audience and improve user experience.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Manga18fx does not exist in isolation; it operates within a competitive landscape. Identifying key competitors unveils domains that share the audience’s interests. (49,085,094 visits), (181,342,091 visits), and (4,965,854 visits) emerge as top competitors. Acknowledging these alternatives allows for a nuanced understanding of the broader market dynamics and potential strategies to stand out.

Organic and Paid Traffic Analysis:

The ebb and flow of organic and paid traffic over the past six months provide critical insights. experienced a notable 25.66% drop in organic search traffic, emphasizing the importance of adapting to evolving search algorithms. Understanding the top organic keywords, such as “manhwa18” and “secret class raw,” allows for strategic content optimization to maintain relevance. Meanwhile, the absence of paid search traffic indicates potential areas for growth and monetization.

Backlink Analytics:

A robust backlink profile is crucial for SEO and domain authority. boasts an authority score of 17, with 1.27K referring domains and 162.15K backlinks. While the backlink count witnessed a 1.82% increase, the referring domains experienced an 8.13% decline. Managing and cultivating a healthy backlink portfolio is vital for sustained online visibility and authority.


In conclusion,’s December 2023 traffic statistics provide a rich tapestry of insights. From the nuances of audience engagement to the global distribution of visitors, understanding these dynamics is essential for strategic decision-making. Leveraging the data on competitors, traffic sources, and backlink analytics empowers site administrators to adapt and refine their strategies.

Note: For those seeking a deeper analysis, tools like SEMrush offer additional data and functionalities that can further enhance the understanding of online performance.


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