Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhances daily life performance

In the modern world, life is very challenging. These challenges include mental as well as physical challenges. Our body does not get sufficient time to relax and recover which results in poor performance in daily life activities and fatigue. So a fast and optimal way of recovery is required. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the solution to this problem. It’s like a savior in this demanding world.

Physical performance:

A hectic day could leave you tired. This tiredness may take days to go away but with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it only needs half an hour to vanish. HBOT provides highly concentrated oxygen at enhanced atmospheric levels. This provides sufficient oxygen to the tissues and replenishes their reservoirs. This bout of high-pressure oxygen helps to flush out the toxins and metabolites from the body thus reducing fatigue and even soreness.

This also causes a high influx of blood to the targeted areas which also helps in recovery. Thus an optimal recovery means optimal performance. These facts also made this therapy suitable for post-workout recovery. A study done on 37 middle-aged athletes concluded that oxygen therapy improved performance.

Helpful in post-workout recovery:

Working out puts an excessive load on the muscles. Muscles are pretty much elastic, so can tolerate this loading and do not allow this load to affect the bones. However, this repetitive loading can cause micro-tears in the muscle fibers. These micro tears can cause soreness and lack of nutrition can delay the healing. This will lead to compromised performance or no workout on the next day.

Such factors can prolong your fitness journey. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be helpful in this regard resulting in a flush of oxygenated blood to the muscles. This will help in the healing of the micro tears and proper muscle growth. Thus along with a post-workout meal, you also need a post-workout HBOT session.

Cognitive performance:

HBOT not only improves physical performance but also helps in the improvement of cognitive performance. The brain consumes about 21% of the body’s oxygen which shows that it requires a high amount of oxygen for better performance. With aging, the respiratory capacities and oxygen distribution abilities decline which will result in less than optimal supply of oxygen to the brain.

This lack of oxygen will result in neuroinflammation and poor central nervous system performance: both of which contribute to reduced cognitive performance. HBOT provides sufficient oxygen to the brain resulting in better cognitive performance thus helping the user in better mental health. This makes it very useful for older users because it prevents and slows down age-related memory decline. A review article by Irit Gottfield and others explains the mechanism by which it enhances cognitive performance thus providing a strong scientific basis for this use of HBOT.

To live a better life all you need is a fit body and an alert mind and Hyperbaric therapy provides you with both. The benefits of HBOT therapy are countless, the above-mentioned are only a few but the most important ones. Formerly, HBOT therapy was done in spa and clinics but now, HBOT can be done at home, the only thing you need for this is your own HBOT chamber. So what is stopping you from getting your Hyperbaric chamber?

Why Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers?

Oxyhelp is a leading European company that produces premium HBOT chambers. These chambers are designed to help the users get the best results ever while feeling comfortable inside during sessions. It provides complete control of the internal environment to the user both from inside and outside the chamber. The oxygen saturation and pressure can also be set according to the choice.

It is a luxurious product with high standards. The chambers are worldwide accepted with all the necessary certifications. It is better than other branded hyperbaric chambers because it is designed for the comfort of the users without compromising on the quality of the provided session. The pressure inside the chamber can be changed from 1.5 to 2 atm. This makes this device suitable for everyone. These characteristics make Oxyhelp products the supreme choice.


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