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Hunting as a Hobby: 4 Tips for Beginners

Hunting, when done right, can be an exhilarating experience. However, not everybody is born into a hunting family and is taught early on what to do. If you want to start Hunting as a Hobby and are unsure where to begin, here are a few tips to get you started.

Here are few tips for Hunting as a Hobby:

Hunting Mentor:

To get into hunting, you need to learn many things, from how to sight a rifle to animal behavior. There is a lot to learn by yourself, and even then, if there is nobody to guide you, you won’t know if you’ve learned things the right way. If you can, you should find a hunting mentor. It will make hunting more manageable and teach you all the ins and outs faster.

A hunting mentor can share with you hunting strategies, hunting positioning, and the best type of gear. It’s one thing to read about hunting from books, and it’s another thing to learn from an experienced hunter. In addition, each state has a different hunting season. For example, deer hunting is usually open from September to December, and some states open from November. A mentor can tell you when are where to hunt.

A simple way to find a hunting mentor is to join a hunter-based conservation group. There are hundreds of members all over the country willing to share their hunting experiences with beginners.

Good Glass:

Good hunting equipment is a recipe for success. You should spend the same amount on binoculars and rifle scope as you would on your gun. An offset iron sight works well for most AR-15s if you want a better target view. This way, you can stay undetected because offset sights have a low profile, so you can quickly move through vegetation.

If you practice spot-and-stalk hunting, then investing in good glass is essential. It makes all the difference between acquiring your target and going home empty-handed. In addition, look for binoculars that works great in low light and have a solid grip.

Hunting Clothes

Wearing proper hunting attire is crucial. Even though people didn’t use fancy hunting gear in the past and were still able to catch their prey, you shouldn’t avoid wearing appropriate clothes. It’s okay not to spend a lot of money on designer items, but a few pieces of gear will change how you experience hunting.

Consider investing in pants that have removable knee pads. These are a lifesaver for those days when you crawl through rocky terrain. In addition, these pants can last for many years, so that’s a good investment.

It would be best if you didn’t forget hoodies. You can get one that has a Merino-nylon blend to keep you warmer than synthetic hoodies. Some come with a built-in hood and a facemask for more warmth. Also, you can consider wearing an outer jacket for the rainy season. These are the essential pieces of gear you will need with you. The rest is optional.

Be Mentally Prepared to Wound an Animal:

Hunting is not for the fainthearted. No amount of reading can prepare you mentally for the harsh reality of wounding an animal. Even though you can practice for months for that perfect shot, foul shots can happen when hunting. The animals may not die on the spot, so you must follow a blood trail to find them.

The trail may end abruptly, and you will come to the camp empty-handed and disappointed. It’s one thing to prepare to finish an animal but another to wound it and never find your prey. It’s salient to know that these things can happen during your hunting career, and most hunters go through this.

Last Words:

Overall, with practice, hunting gets better. Nobody is born perfect, and everybody has to start somewhere. Learning tips and tricks to become a better hunter will make the experience worthwhile.


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