How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Limited Company In Ireland?

Are you starting a business in Ireland and curious about costs? Read this. The costs involved with setting up a limited company in Ireland vary significantly and this guide offers details and recommendations regarding pricing for starting up a company in Ireland. Our goal here is to give a full picture of the financial implications of setting up a limited company.

Starting a business from scratch means trying to reduce expenses wherever possible. With this guide, we will explore various fees and taxes that might arise during its formation, along with providing instructions on what needs to be completed in this process. So, let’s learn about company registration fees. 

Company Registration Fees

If you want to start up a limited company in Ireland, be aware of registration costs. Regulating a business ranges anywhere from €500 to €1,000, depending on what kind of corporation is chosen as well as any paperwork requirements that need completing.

Below is an approximate breakdown of potential additional expenses:

  • Putting in paperwork for formation or re-registration costs between €100 and €300.
  • Fees for company searches—usually about €10 per search
  • Legal help with articles of association and other papers, with the type of help needed based on the job.
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT) registration is usually free; however, in certain instances, fees may be assessed and paid upon registration.

Reg cost of non-limited company 

The charges will be €20 for business names (if the trading name is different from the name of a limited company).

Business Tax Registration Requirements & Costs in Ireland

Tax registration in Ireland depends on the type of tax. The most prevalent taxes have these requirements:

Type One Corporation Tax

Registration is required within eight weeks of trading.

The Companies Registration Office (CRO) provides the company registration number for registration.

Registration is usually done through the Revenue Online Service.

Type two  (PAYE) Pay as you earn

Register if you employ people.

You need your company’s registration number and staff member details to register.

Registration is normally done through ROS.

Type three is Value added tax (VAT)

Register if your yearly turnover reaches or is expected to exceed the VAT criteria (€37,500 for services, €75,000 for goods).

You need your company’s registration number and other business information to register.

Registration usually occurs through ROS.

If you’re starting a limited company in Ireland and finding cost-effective company services for a tax registration company, then contact Peak Accounting for expert assistance & efficient services!

Insurance Costs in Ireland

Due to differing requirements based on business type, size, industry, and other risk factors for each limited company in Ireland, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly how much insurance costs. Especially without knowing more about the company. But I can provide general advice based on the types of protection a limited company might require:

Public Liability Insurance: Public liability coverage costs can range anywhere from several hundred euros a year up to several thousand, depending on the nature and extent of coverage required for your particular type of business.

Employer Liability Insurance: Employing workers typically requires employer liability coverage. Premiums vary, starting around €500 annually, depending on how many workers and what kind of work is done by your organization.

Commercial Property Insurance: Your commercial property insurance premium will depend upon your type of business and building value; costs could range anywhere from several hundred euros annually to several thousand euros annually.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Protect yourself against losing value with this coverage, starting from around €200 to €300 for jobs with lower risks to more extensive policies for tasks posing greater threats.

These estimates should serve only as estimates and should never be treated as final figures. It would be wise to secure multiple quotes from an insurance provider (Peak Accounting is one such provider), or work with an independent broker who can provide tailored assistance and competitive quotes tailored specifically for the needs of your business.

Consider that selecting an insurance plan that provides adequate protection isn’t simply about finding the cheapest policy; rather, it involves making sure that your business can withstand the risks it might face in its future struggle.

Are There Additional Expenses You May Incur? 

Depending on your specific circumstances, additional fees associated with registering your company could arise. These could be used for services like virtual office rental and company secretarial assistance to run and expand your business effectively.

Company Secretarial Services

In Ireland, a company can be set up with only one director. However, for a single-member limited company, choosing the company secretary can be difficult. People often use family and friends as company secretaries in these situations, but not everyone will be lucky enough to have someone they can call.

If your company doesn’t already employ an accountant on staff or needs someone specifically dedicated to this role, consider outsourcing as a business secretary. According to various sources, annual costs range between €200 and €400  plus VAT for business secretarial services.

Virtual office

In Ireland, when you start a business, you have to provide a registered address for that business. A lot of businesses have a real place where they run their business and use that as their listed address.

But these days, a lot of businesses can run entirely online and don’t need a real location. There are no legal restrictions on using one’s home as the registered office, however, privacy concerns may prevent this.

Paying for a virtual office address may be one viable solution, though this will cost around €200 to €400 annually.

Final words!

So, with this blog, you have learned about the company registration fees, business tax registration requirements, & costs of insurance in Ireland, as well as any additional expenses you may incur. With this guide, business owners can make better decisions when starting their own company if they understand all of these factors.

The process of forming a limited company in Ireland can be stressful for numerous businesses. Nevertheless, if done right, it can be a profitable venture that not only gives you freedom but also possible tax benefits as well as more respect in the market.


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