A Simple Guide to Cultivating a Positive Company Culture

For many people up and down the country, the place they spend the majority of their time is not the home they work so hard to keep, their favorite social spots, or the great outdoors.

Instead, their place of work, whether that be a warehouse, a construction site, or within a traditional office setting, is where they spend the best part of each day and, as such, it makes logical sense to spend time and energy on making that place a happy place to be.

With that being said, here is a simple guide to cultivating a positive company culture.

Reward & Recognize Excellent Work

The most powerful tool any manager of any company has at their disposal is one that costs absolutely nothing but can do wonders for increasing efficiency and productivity in both individual members of staff and the workforce as a whole.

Gratitude and recognition for a job well done or for a certain employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, be that in the form of a formal ‘thank you’ at the beginning of a meeting or else online praise on social media, can go a huge way to contributing to a positive workplace setting.

Improve the Employee Benefits System

Another major area of working life for both yourself and your employees to consider striving to improve is that of the current benefits and perks system your business provides.

From taking the decision to let your members access specialized vision healthcare to implementing an advanced benefits package for new recruits and long-serving employees alike, the effort to improve such areas will be more than appreciated by your staff.

Continually Reinforce Core Company Values

Whether you have been with this particular company since its creation, own the company yourself, or else have only recently taken the job of manager for the business, the core company values and the essential reason why the company was created lie at the heart of a positive working environment conducive to productivity.

Focus on the following three components:

  1. Your company’s values are the ways in which your employees work together towards a common goal.
  2. Your company’s mission, which is the basic motivation behind the company should incite employees to do their best to achieve success.
  3. Your company’s vision, helps your employees understand why they are doing what they are doing and how it will help progression.

Explicitly Communicate Your Expectations

Finally, in order for every one of your employees to fulfill their potential, both in the context of their own job role and their plans for future career progression, it is necessary for you to regularly set them goals and, crucially, maintain regular checks on their progress.

Taking accountability for any mistakes an individual may make is also an essential component of a happy, energetic, positive, productive, and motivated workforce, and it is absolutely vital that you never create one rule for one employee and another rule for the other.


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