Empowering E-Commerce: Driving Growth With Advanced Digital Shelf Analytics  

In the field of e-commerce, you will generate more sales if it is easier for your customers or consumers to find your product. In physical stores, a customer’s decision to make a purchase depends on the product placement in the stores. Likewise, in the world of the internet and digital platforms, it is very important to optimize your products to stay ahead of your competitors to gain customer’s focus and interest. Digital shelf analytics is a collection of informative points about your product that shoppers interact with while buying it.

A platform where shoppers can find your product online such as Daraz and Amazon. People have become more inclined to buy products online as it is easier for them to purchase while sitting back in their homes. Sometimes shoppers see a product in store, come back home to research about it, and then make a purchase online. In this article, we will explore how advanced digital shelf analytics can enhance and empower e-commerce.

What are The Four P’s That Are Important For Digital Stores?

Product- if you want a good response, make sure to present your product in a presentable way to your customers. The way you show the product can be a game-changer in generating more sales.

Pricing– search about the pricing in the competitive market and set the pricing according to that.

Placement- search and decide where to place your products. You have to place your products in the best rank for higher visibility and search queries.

Promotion- try to invest in promoting your product by running advertisements. It will improve the product’s search visibility and customer experience.

How Important it is to Optimize the Digital Shelf?

Optimizing digital shelves is crucial for digital shelf performance. By optimizing you can analyse

  • Are your products and items visible on the first page?
  • Did you mention enough product content?
  • Is your product price reasonable and competitive?
  • Is more inventory available at the back of the store?
  • Is the quality of your product’s image clear?

By optimizing these points, you can generate more sales and it will also help in increasing visibility and discoverability.

The Role of Advanced Digital Shelf Analytics in E-Commerce

1. Enhances The Share of Search

Share of search measures the percentage of how visible and discoverable your products are on the search bar as compared to your competitive brands. For example, if someone types a leather handbag on Amazon, 5 of your products show up and 10 of your competitor’s, that means they have more share of search as compared to you.

If you track the share of searches, it will allow you to know more about opportunities to build visibility into the digital shelf of any business. You can track about product’s keyword ranking such as which are most commonly used and rising. If you get to know this, it will boost incremental sales.

2. Try to Get Positive Feedback About The Product

Customer feedback and reviews are the most important factors in making your brand successful. It is a social proof that decides how customers look at the product. It is also an important factor for growth and organic ranking on your digital shelf. Approximately 94% of people read the reviews and comments under the product content before making a purchase.

If you gain more negative reviews, then it’s assured that your product may need some improvement. Try to investigate the problem and go towards betterment in order to protect your ranking and sales. You can also keep an eye on your competitor’s reviews to know their weak points. If you will address these weak points in your products, it will increase conversion and visibility.

3. Insert Accurate Product Content

Mostly shoppers or buyers take only a few seconds to make an impression on your website or a page. A slight change in the product content can directly impact the visibility and engagement in the product listing. Most customers search a lot before making a purchase, they look into the content of the product to know if this product can meet their needs or not. 80% of the users depict that product description is the most important factor in the decision-making of purchasing.

What Happens If The Product Content Is Not Written Well?

If the product content is not accurate, it may be the biggest turn-off and red flag for the customers. They might think that the product is of low quality and you did not have much to write about it. You also can not put inaccurate information about the product because people will stop trusting your brand if they receive something that is missing from the product content or description.

Put High-Quality Images On The Website

Product pictures are an important part of an online shopping system. High-quality images of products can convince your customers to make a purchase. It can make all the difference in product buying decisions. Around 75% of users can only see images while buying a product. You should keep in mind that if a customer receives something different as not shown in the picture, it may lead to dissatisfaction. So make sure to put high-quality, clear, accurate images on your list. This facilitates the product’s conversion rate and product visibility on the digital shelf.

Wrapping Up,

In today’s fast-paced world, users mostly rely on digital platforms for their shopping experience. Accurate pricing is an important factor of the digital shelf. By keeping a check on pricing dynamics, you can be competitive while having profitability. Similarly, having products available at the back is the key to meeting customer expectations. Businesses should monitor inventory levels to have real-time visibility into stock availability.

Another best strategy is to insert keywords that allow brands to access their online visibility on search bars or search engines. From pricing to putting high-quality images, from accurate product content to the share of search, these capabilities enable businesses to make the right decisions.


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