How to use Best free reverse phone lookup service numlookup ( in 2022

NumLookup provides free reverse phone lookup services for mobile phones, Landlines & VOIP. In this modern age of technology, there is no need to be curious about who is calling you? Now you can easily find out by NumLookup tools & services.

The Founders Of NumLookup:

NumLookup was proposed & developed by a group of data ninja teams. Their main purpose was to eliminate spam, wrong & abusive contacts to phone numbers.

Peter Kowalski is one of the key founders of NumLookup. He belongs to a Bay Area of Japan’s Northernmost island, a Secluded hamlet on Hokkaido. Since the age of 30, He worked in his father’s shop Suzuki autos repairing. But he began coding part-time from the age of 16.

He was interested in data & online applications such as NumLookup to see things on a broad spectrum.

How you can use NumLookup:

With the NumLookup services, you can use free reverse phone lookup. To use the NumLookup, just go to While clicking the Lookup, a form will appear. Now just enter the number whose detail you want to know & then press the “NumLookup” as the image given below.

Numlookup com

NumLookup com- A trustworthy platform:

It offers totally free of cost services. There is no need for any registration or credit card or any other information. Millions of people from the United States use NumLookup to figure out who contacted them.

Reviews show that NumLookup provides the best & accurate white pages services for phone numbers in America.

How NumLookup works:

As NumLookup is the best lookup service, it has the best procedure to lookup the phones. It has a direct partnership with almost all well-known telephone & mobile companies all over the world. This enables it to make real-time API calls to the telephone or mobile company directly who operates the phone number to figure out the owner’s name. That’s why Numlookup is the world’s most popular company.

How to remove your information from NumLookup:

In case you want to remove your information from, then here is a guide.


  • Now go to the “About Us Page & then scroll down to find out the “ Phone Number Removal – Opt-Out”.
  • There is a paragraph of information & instruction. From this paragraph just click the link for “Information Opt-Out”.
  • Then enter your number. You have to verify that you are not a robot via Captcha.
  • Then at the end Press “Remove My Info” as in the image given below:


If you have no account with NumLookup then press “Manually Submit Removal Request” and then enter the information that is asked in the form to remove your information from NumLookup.

numlookup form

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